F1 23 Update 1.07 Patch Notes: Equal tyres, contract bug & more fixes

After a thrilling British Grand Prix this weekend, F1 23 has dropped a new patch for virtual racers. We're approaching one month since F1 23 launched and we still love this year's game.

A few game-altering issues were recently discovered, and the new update for F1 23 attacks these first and foremost. So let's dive into the patch and see what's happening.

Equal tyre wear is fixed

The headline fix is for league racers and esports drivers, as Codemasters has patched the equal tyre wear issue. This problem surfaced in the early rounds of the elite league racing scene and has caused no small amount of chaos.

F1 23 at the Austrian GP
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It's unclear if this problem impacted the F1 esports build of the game, but the speed of the fix from Codies is great to see and should mean leagues can get back to operating as usual.

Contract bug is gone

One of the most bizarre issues in F1 23 revolved around driver contracts expiring before the final race of the season. Players saw Lewis Hamilton retire before Abu Dhabi when still in contention for the title and drivers switch teams with a race still to go.

The rear wing of the Alfa Romeo going through the first corner in Spain in F1 23
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This fix should mean you can hit the end of your career mode & My Team season with confidence now.

Here are the full patch notes for the new update.

F1 23 Update 1.07 patch notes

  • Fixed an issue where equal performance cars did not have equal tyre wear rates
  • Fixed an issue in Career where contract negotiations and driver retirements occur before the last race of the season
  • Fixed an issue where players experience loss of Force Feedback while playing with a Logitech wheel on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue where players experience loss of auto-save feature while playing with a Logitech wheel on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue where Force Feedback can be lost after returning focus to the game on PC
  • Fixed an issue where AI drivers could slow down and match player speed during Qualifying Inlaps
  • Fixed an issue in the Community Grand Prix where participating in the event would lock assists for other game modes
  • Fixed an issue in My Team Career where sponsor decals could not be removed only replaced
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where FPS could drop any time someone disconnects from a race mid-session
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  • Fixed an issue in F1 World where using a team member with the "lower cost to boost" perk can result in prices becoming much larger
  • Fixed an issue where Sponsor boards would be black at Singapore
  • Fixed an issue where in cockpit camera no pit limit speed or distance warning message would be present
  • Fixed an issue in Time Trial where any change to the "F1 Dial' OSD element would not be saved
  • Fixed an issue where Gamertags were displayed incorrectly on screen
  • Updated news article in Chapter 10 of Braking Point
  • Fixed an issue where changing primary Engine Supplier at the start of a new My Team Career Season would cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where, for some players, audio would drop out during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where some EA app players were unable to purchase consumables
  • Fixed an issue where game could crash when returning to a windowed game mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Tyre Set information was not correct in the UDP telemetry data
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes
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