F1 23 Update 1.19 Fixes McLaren Chrome Livery and Other Issues

F1 23 V1.19 update

F1 23 V1.19 update

The latest F1 23 update has been released, and with it comes a wide range of fixes and improvements. From addressing tyre issues to correcting the McLaren Chrome Livery, let’s take a look at what’s been fixed in F1 23 update 1.19.

Chrome finish

The McLaren Chrome Livery was one of the standout liveries of 2023. Bringing back the iconic McLaren silver of the late 2000s, the livery lit up the 2023 British Grand Prix and even scored a double podium for the Woking team.

McLaren Chrome Livery
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The McLaren Chrome Livery came to F1 23 as an early Christmas present for players, rewarded for beating Lando Norris in a Pro Challenge around Silverstone. The livery was in high demand, with many asking for it to come to the game much sooner. But when it finally hit the grid, it wasn’t perfect for everyone.

The McLaren Chrome Llivery wasn’t rendering correctly for some in MyTeam, but the v1.19 update patch addresses this. Now you can dazzle your rivals on the track with both your livery and racecraft.

F1 23 update 1.19 patch notes

The McLaren Chrome Livery fix is just a small part of the multiple fixes that have arrived with the latest F1 23 update.

Here are the full F1 23 update 1.19 patch notes, live now across all platforms:

  • Fixed the rendering of the McLaren Chrom Livery in MyTeam mode
  • Improved the fog effect used for replay cameras on night tracks
  • Fixed issue with unbalanced grip levels on the starting grid in the wet
  • Fixed an issue where Slick tyres can be assigned when the rest of the field are on wets, after a red flag, in dynamic weather
  • Fixed an issue where, when racing at Japan/Suzuka, some AI drivers would run out of fuel in a 100% race
  • Fixed a visual issue where Podium Pass XP did not show it being awarded correctly
  • Disabled DLSS 3 Frame Generation
  • Fixed various usability issues in Elimination mode
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes

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