F1 24 Playtest Beta: Everything you need to know

F1 24 Playtest Beta

F1 24 Playtest Beta

F1 24 is screeching onto PC and console in May, which means the window for the game’s beta has also shifted forward. Players looking to join the F1 24 playtest beta have so far struggled to find out which dates the beta will be running. But it seems the official dates have now been revealed.

Here’s everything you need to know about the F1 24 Playtest beta.

Early racing

The F1 24 Playtest beta enables players to help shape this year’s F1 title. By hitting the grid early, players get early access to the game in return for their feedback on any issues it might have, including bugs, broken features, and incorrect car liveries.

F1 24 Playtest Beta
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This feedback is then gathered and used to improve the game ahead of its proper early access release for those who have preordered the Champions Edition of the game.

With a release date of 31 May and an early access date of 28 May, we expected F1 24’s Playtest dates to be sooner rather than later. The official dates have now reportedly been confirmed, and it seems we weren’t wrong.

F1 24 Playtest beta dates

Thanks to the EA Playtest website, we know there will be F1 24 playtest sessions. Although the game is still over two months away at the time of writing, fans don’t have too long to wait to go racing early.

The first Playtest session for F1 24 kicks off on 12 April in just over three weeks away. This first session wraps up on 15 April, giving players a full weekend to gather the first feedback.

F1 24 Playtest Beta
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The second session then begins three weeks later on 3 May, also stretching across the weekend to 6 May. The final F1 24 Playtest beta then takes place from 17 - 20 May.

This leaves a rather tight turnaround between the final Playtest session and the game entering early access. Hopefully, the majority of issues can be fixed before the Champions Edition players arrive in the paddock.

Check out the full F1 24 Playtest dates in the table below:

Start Date
End Date
Weekend 1
12 April
15 April
Weekend 2
3 May
6 May
Weekend 3
17 May
20 May

If you want to play F1 24 early, you can register for the F1 24 Playtest sessions on the EA Playtest website.

F1 24 price and editions

Like its predecessor, F1 24 will be available in two editions. The Standard Edition is priced at £59.99 on PC and £69.99 on PlayStation and Xbox. The Champions Edition comes in at £79.99 on PC, with the console version costing £89.99.

F1 24 Champions Edition bonuses
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Preordering the Standard Edition will reward players with 5k PitCoin and an F1 World Starter Pack. Those who opt for the Champions Edition will get the three days of early access, along with 18k PitCoin, F1 World Bumper Pack, two new Formula 1 Icons for My Team and a bonus VIP Podium Pass.

If that isn’t enough, Champions Edition players also get access to six 2024 F1 liveries in F1 23, allowing them to complete laps in Time Trial in this year’s cars.

Will you be taking part in the F1 24 Playtest betas? Let us know in the comments below!

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