F1 24 Update 1.4 Addresses Pace, Tyre, and ERS Issues

F1 24 V1.4 Update Addresses Pace Issues For Players

F1 24 V1.4 Update Addresses Pace Issues For Players

After a rocky start to the race, F1 24 is starting to gain some traction. After the first post-launch patch addressed the handling of the game, a new hotfix addresses other major issues.

These includes players losing their pace rating after races, as well as being put on the wrong tyre when starting in wet conditions.

Let’s take a look at what’s being fixed in the F1 24 update 1.4.

Losing pace

There’s nothing worse than losing pace during a race, but for F1 24 players the issue was more serious than that. Career Mode racers found their pace rating was dropping rapidly after each race, tanking their overall rating for no reason.

F1 24 V1.4 Update Addresses Pace Issues For Players
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In a game mode where the overall rating now is more important than ever, this was holding players back when it came to advancing their careers. Losing status in the team for reasons you can't help was frustrating.

F1 24’s V1.4 update aims to fix this. If a player misses out on the fastest lap during a race, they are not penalized as heavily in their pace stat. This then prevents players’ overall rating from dropping too much as a result.

Another issue affecting pace in races related to the ERS. Some players noted that ERS was disabled during races, stopping them from utilizing their electrical power. Update 1.4 also fixes this issue, with ERS now available for all players to use as and when they wish.

So the pace issues should now be fixed, but there was one other major issue that was holding back fans in races.

Wrong tyres

The recent Canadian Grand Prix showed fans what can happen when you use slick tyres in wet conditions. Unfortunately, some players had already discovered this thanks to F1 24.

F1 24 V1.4 Update Addresses Pace Issues For Players
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Since release, there were reports of players starting races in wet conditions, only to discover they had been put on dry tyres. With the AI also on slicks, this caused absolute chaos on race starts.

Trying to control a car in wet conditions is almost impossible at the best of times. Racing on the wrong tyres meant many players couldn't even make it around a lap to the pits.

The V1.4 update resolves this issue. Now, all cars on the grid will be on the right tyre compound for the conditions out on track. This means no more sliding off the start line trying to find some kind of traction.

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F1 24 V1.4 update patch notes

As well as fixing these major issues, F1 24’s V1.4 update also addresses other minor issues with the game. These are all aimed at improving the overall experience for players, making race more fun for all.

F1 24 V1.4 Update Addresses Pace Issues For Players
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At the time of writing, the full V1.4 update patch notes are yet to be released, but you can find a summary below:

  • Fixed an issue in Career modes where the player's Pace rating would be reduced by too much when they didn't get the fastest lap
  • Fixed an issue where all cars could begin the race on the wrong compound for the track conditions
  • Casual Settings Filter will no longer try to set Quick Weather to Clear which could cause issues in some game modes
  • Resolved an issue where the ERS system could sometimes be unexpectedly disabled

Now players can get focused on the racing, without needing to worry about wrong tyres, losing their pace stat, or being unable to use ERS.

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