F1 Manager 2022: Best Head of Aerodynamics in the game

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F1 Manager 2022 Williams Head of Aerodynamics

Aero is key to a car's performance in Formula 1, so who are the best F1 Manager 2022 Head of Aerodynamics in the game?

As Team Principal, you will need to build the most complete team possible. This includes the design team for the car, which is led by your Head of Aerodynamics.

You could have the best drivers in the sport, but if you can't design a good car for them, you won't be getting good results.

Head of Aerodynamics in F1 Manager 2022

The Head of Aerodynamics is arguably the most important member of your team. Aerodynamics dictates both how the car produces downforce and cuts down on drag.

It also affects the cooling of the car, something that we've seen become a real issue since the switch to E10 fuels this season.

Each Head of Aerodynamics has eight attributes that make up their overall rating. These are: Cooling, DRS Delta, High-Speed DownForce (DF), Medium-Speed DF, Low-Speed DF, Drag Reduction, Airflow Management, and Airflow Sensitivity.

This all feeds into the aerodynamic development of the car. The higher your Head is in each of these, the faster and more efficiently you will be able to develop each section of the car.

F1 Manager 2022 design
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Signing the best around though, is anything but straightforward.

Firstly, they need to be interested in your team. That comes from doing well on race days and picking up big results. The better you are performing; the more staff will be willing to work with you.

So, don't think you can start at Williams and go poaching the Ferrari staff right away!

Then, you need to have the money. Heads of Aerodynamics can ask for a salary in excess of $2 million!

Fictional Heads of Aerodynamics

The real-life Heads of Aerodynamics for every team are in your game when you start. However, there are also fictional staff members that fill up the pool available to you.

Which ones you have available to you is random, though. There is a list that is randomly selected at the start of your save, so some of the better ones may not appear right away.

If you can't find the one you're looking for, make sure you stay patient and keep your eyes peeled for your dream Head of Aerodynamics!

Best Heads of Aerodynamics


The overall rating is a pretty good guide for all staff positions in F1 Manager 2022. Consistent stats across the board is more important though, as this ensures that there are no huge weaknesses in your Head of Aerodynamics.

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As a result, our list is not just a pure Overall ranking, but instead a measured consideration of every attribute.

These are the best Head of Aerodynamics in F1 Manager 2022!

Team Cooling DRS Delta High Speed DF Medium Speed DF Low Speed DF Drag Reduction Airflow Management Airflow Sensitivity Overall
Diego TondiFerrari868794909088939190
Enrico BalboRed Bull869285878890838887
Jarrod MurphyMercedes787978818986868583
Dirk de BeerAlpine848784788180857982
Alessandro CinelliAlfa Romeo847875798082808180
Dickon BalmforthAlphaTauri777575778278807878
Arron MelvinHaas767472807676807977
Mitchel KumerMcLaren787174717978747875
Rune ErikssonFree Agent807883767682636776
Cristian RiveraFree Agent668483828261858078
Willi HermannFree Agent596584787682767975
Horst SchusterFree Agent838184625975846574
Hotaru TakedaFree Agent837665795781787975
Massimo GrassiFree Agent678366798466846174
Helene DupuyFree Agent715881666979808474
Martin WernerFree Agent858172737478606574
Sylvie KleinFree Agent716564817768857673
David WheaterWilliams766968728366666971
Pendle WallisFree Agent656885768366667173
Irmgard MollerFree Agent566960658284838573
Ian GreigAston Martin665966646765666365

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