F1 Manager 2022 won't limit the number of seasons

F1 Manager 2022 is perhaps the most exciting release of this year.

Management games rarely dive into the motorsport genre, but the addition of a fully licensed Formula 1 management game has sparked excitement throughout the racing community.

As a brand-new title, there are plenty of unknowns for players right now. To clear some of these up the Community Managers for F1 Manager took to a Twitter Space to answer some questions. The most crucial one was around the longevity of a save.

Is there a cap on the number of seasons you can play?

Codemasters' F1 games cap players at 10 seasons. Usually, that's ok. Because you are actually driving and seasons are 22 races long, it is rare that a player will hit that cap.

But management games often go faster than that.

F1 Manager 22 screenshot
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There's "almost not a limit" for the number of seasons you can play in F1 Manager 22

Thankfully, F1 Manager 2022 will be an extremely long experience. As stated in the Twitter Space there is "almost not a limit" for the number of seasons you can play.

In short, as long as you keep the board happy and achieve your targets then you can keep playing on and on and on! This means you'll also have to think ahead, manage budgets for future seasons, and develop long-term strategies.

Regen drivers & staff

Part of this is because as drivers and staff members retire, a pool of "regens" is created that enter the game. This will be in the form of new F3 drivers and up-and-coming members of staff. While there are real-world personnel and drivers, these will be replaced by fictional drivers and staff after they retire.

F1 Manager 22 screenshot Daniel Ricciardo
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As drivers retire, you'll have to scout for new talent

This mirrors the feeling of the ultra-successful Football Manager, with seasons that go on indefinitely. goes on and on forever.

We can't wait to scout for young talent, upgrade our facilities, and take our favourite team to victory in the role of team principal!

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