F1 Manager 2023 Engine Guide: Which engine supplier to choose

A great power unit can have you blasting past your opponents, but which F1 Manager 2023 engine should you use? Teams that don't manufacture their own power unit can choose which one to buy and use. While you are locked for the first season, before the second starts players at Haas, Williams, Aston Martin, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, or AlphaTauri can swap to a new supplier if they want to.

That just leaves one big question: which engine supplier to choose? The answer might seem obvious, but when you break things down there’s actually a lot to consider here. So which engine supplier should you choose in F1 Manager 2023? Let’s take a look.

F1 Manager 2023 engine guide

The obvious choice would seem to be the Red Bull powertrain. With the highest power output and mid-tier cost, this seems to be the OP choice to stick in your car. However, there’s a reason the Red Bull engine is cheaper than others.

F1 Manager 2023 engine comparison
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The Red Bull engine has the lowest wear resistance out of the four options, making it more likely to fail when you need it most. It also has by far the worst ERS durability and the lowest fuel efficiency. Think of the Red Bull engine like a cheetah, it goes like the wind but only for a short burst.

The Ferrari engine on the other hand has the second-highest power with 95%, and the best fuel efficiency and ERS durability. The catch however is the cost, with a $23 million price tag. This will eat into your budget before the season even starts.

The Ferrari engine is the luxury choice for those who don’t care about budget, whereas the Red Bull engine is for those who want instant success. But what other options are there on the table?

The other choices

For Renault, the less said about them the better. Yes, they have the best wear resistance, so you’ll need to switch out the engine less throughout the season. Instead, the engine will chew through gearboxes. With a gearbox durability of only 40%, all the money you saved going for the cheaper engine will instead go towards replacing the gearbox every other race.

We’re ruling out the Renault engine for this reason alone, even with its incredibly fuel efficiency of 100%. So that just leaves one option, arguably the best of them all.

F1 Manager 2023 Red Bull chasing Mercedes in Qatar
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Mercedes has F1 engine design down to a fine art. For a team that has been so dominant over the last decade, the engine has been a huge part of that success. That’s clearly on show here too.

With a middle-of-the-road cost of $22 million, the Mercedes engine gives you everything you need. High wear resistance, moderate gearbox durability, decent fuel efficiency, and the second-highest ERS durability cancel out the lack of power. With Mercedes supplying the largest number of teams on the grid, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

If you’re looking for success on the grid, you definitely want a Mercedes engine in the back of the car.

F1 Manager 2023 setup guide

Even if your driver is the next-generation Ayrton Senna, they’ll go nowhere fast without the proper car setup.

Getting the balance right in F1 Manager 2023 can be tricky, especially in sprint race weekends where practice sessions are limited. So how can you guarantee a good setup for every track and every driver?

F1 Manager 2023 setup guide
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With five setup categories each affected by five sliders, it can be a real challenge to perfect one aspect without compromising the others. Thankfully, our F1 Manager 2023 setup guide will assist you in nailing the setup every time.

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