F1 Manager 2023 Xbox: Series X | S specs, last-gen compatibility & more

After making its Xbox debut last year, we can't wait to try out F1 Manager 2023 this later year. What can we expect from F1 Manager 2023 on the Xbox Series X | S, though? And will it be on last-gen too?

We've got everything you need to know right here!

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F1 Manager 2023 Xbox

F1 Manager 2023 will allow you to step in as the Team Principal of one of Formula 1's ten teams. Everything from driver choice, to the development of the car and hiring and firing of staff will be at your disposal.

F1 Manager 2022 screenshot
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Frontier Developments created an excellent first edition to the series last year, and we've no doubt that 2023 will continue this success.

If you're new to the series though, don't worry, the tutorials are extremely helpful for finding your feet.

F1 Manager 2023 on Xbox One

F1 Manager 2023 will be released on the Series X | S, but what about the One? Well, some triple-A franchises have made the switch to only being released on the next-gen systems.

However, the Xbox One still has a much higher player base than the Series X | S. So, it's likely that the 2023 game will launch on the One as well.

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IN THE WORKS: F1 Manager on Xbox is on the way

This will be a full version of the game as well, with all of the F1, F2, and F3 content being included as well.

The only downside to the One is that you won't have the same visual specs as those on the Series X | S. The Series X | S will be able to play F1 Manager 2023 in full 4K and at a silky smooth 60 frames per second refresh rate.

Release date

F1 Manager 2022 was released worldwide on 30 August 2022. We're expecting a similar if not slightly earlier release date this year.

With the real-life sport's Summer break taking place between late-July and late-August, we're going to place the game around this period.

F1 Manager 2022
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As this isn't a new series this year, Frontier will effectively have had a running start for 2023. Those that want to pre-order the game will be able to do so when the first trailer drops, but when will this be?


The first official word of F1 Manager 2023 will likely be its Announcement Trailer. 2022's Announcement Trailer gave us the first information about F1 Manager 2022.

It was released in March 2022, so we can expect 2023's trailer to be released a little later or around the same time in either March or April 2023.

We've linked the 2022 trailer below for you to take a look at if you want a refresher:

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