F1 Mobile Racing gets 2021 Season Update

F1 2021 has been around for over a month, but it isn't the only Formula 1 game around.

F1 Mobile Racing serves F1 racing to more than 35 million players around the world on their mobile devices. With PvP racing and AI grids, you can get a full racing experience with F1 Mobile Racing, and now a 2021 Season Update is on the way!

F1 Mobile Racing 2021 Season Update

The new update is much as it sounds. It will bring the 2021 season to F1 Mobile Racing. That means updated liveries, drivers, and everything that goes with it.

The official notes say: "Players can get behind the wheel of this season’s official F1 team cars, or customise their own F1 car and compete on circuits from the 2021 season, racing with real players, against the clock, or alongside AI opponents."

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It very notably doesn't say "all the circuits from 2021", so don't expect to see Imola or Portimao in the update!

It also claims to be the most immersive update yet, with updated audio, multiple weather conditions and new visuals, as well as a brand-new Career Mode!

2021 Season Update release date

Codemasters & EA are keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes to the release date for this update.

All they say is that it is "upcoming", and don't give even a target window for the update.

We suspect it won't be far away given the announcement of what is in it. Hopefully it will be with players by September.

What is resetting?

As with any update, some aspects of your progress will get reset when it arrives. Players can expect the following to be reset once the 2021 Season Update lands.

  • Total distance driven
  • Track time records
  • Total Cups
  • XP Level
  • Owned unofficial liveries and stickers
  • Owned unofficial helmets
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With those resets, your Duel Mode progress will be reset too, and all players will start in the lowest league.

However, your profile name, race number, and currencies will not be reset. While your official F1 team cars, your 2020 regs car, and R&D parts will all get converted into the 2021 update.

Perhaps most importantly though, all VIP Passes will have to be renewed when the new 2021 Season Update arrives.

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