Ferrari unveils SF-75 for F1 2022

The Scuderia are the most storied team in motorsport. With 16 constructors titles to their name they are untouchable at the top of Formula 1, at least in its history. It's been a long time since Ferrari was truly fighting for championships though.

Their last Constructors' title was in 2008, but with regulation changes this season and having spent most of 2021 focused on this year, could the Prancing Horse be back at the front?

SF-75 revealed

The famous Ferrari team suffered a leak of the SF-75 ahead of time, but the official reveal showed off far more of the car than one leaked photo.

With a new major sponsor in Santander and the disappearance of Mission Winnow, the Ferrari was always going to have a beautiful new look. And we couldn't be happier with the SF-75.

It's fierce red with black elements gives it a classic feel, stirring up echoes of the 1990 car.

sf 75 3
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The car looks aggressive and stunning, with the usual sponsor brands we're used to but the sweeping nose and wheel covers add a sense of speed and anger to it.

SF 75 1
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We are big fans!

F1 2022

Codemasters is yet to confirm the next instalment of the official Formula 1 video game, but we know F1 2022 is coming.

The yearly release is arguably the best annual title in gaming, regardless of genre. After the success of F1 2021 we don’t expect Codies to try and revolutionise a formula that is clearly working.

Fans should circle mid-July in their calendar for a potential release date.

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