Does DIRT 5's cross-play addition mean we'll get the feature in F1 2021?

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DIRT 5's latest update adds cross-platform matchmaking to the game, an awesome addition, and great news for fans of the game.

This will allow people regardless of the platform! It doesn't matter if they play on PlayStation, Xbox, or even PC.

So, with Codies' DIRT 5 adding the feature, will we see it in F1 2021?

Crossplay in F1 2021

Now, of course this is still speculation, but it would make sense for Codemasters to add the feature to the latest Formula One game. Now that the team inevitably has the technology to do so, we'd love to see it in F1 2021.

Now that cross-play is becoming increasingly common around the gaming world, chances are we're going to see more racing titles introduce the feature.

This feature would only be positive, allowing groups of friends to play together regardless of platform, or generation. For those still chasing a next-gen console, this could end up being a vital way for them to keep playing with their normal F1 buddies!

Will it happen?

Unfortunately, we don't have a confirmation on the feature being added, even after the game's recent reveal.

Alpine F1 2021
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It was previously thought that adding the feature was incredibly complex. However, given the feature's post-release addition to DIRT 5, it may not be as such.

That being said, it remains to be seen if Codemasters will decide to add the feature to F1 2021. Naturally, we're hoping that they will!

F1 2021

The next installment in the franchise has finally been revealed, and it includes a number of awesome features including a new way to play career.

f1 2020 game
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The title arrives on 16 July this year for all platforms, and we can't wait to get hands-on.

Excitingly, the Deluxe Edition will grant you access to play 3 days early, on July 13. This is for those willing to spend a few extra pennies for the privilege.

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