Frontier Focusing on the Details With New F1 Manager 2023 Feature

F1 Manager 2023 provides a much deeper experience compared to its predecessor. Frontier is focusing on the details for F1 Manager 2023 and the latest new feature backs that up.

With F1 Manager 2023 now just over two weeks away, surely there can’t be any more surprise feature announcements. Or could there be?

Frontier focusing on the smaller details

F1 is all about the smaller details. From perfecting a pitstop to grabbing the fastest lap on the final lap of the race, every aspect of the sport is impacted by the smallest thing. Frontier is focusing on the details with new F1 Manager 2023 features to make this the deepest F1 experience available.

A great example of that is the new radio messages coming to this year’s game. Frontier has added to F1 Manager 2022’s radio messages to simulate the relationship between drivers and their race engineers. In fact, they’ve quadrupled the amount of radio messages available.

F1 Manager 2023 Hamilton Silverstone
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Not only that, but the variety of messages has also increased. When your drivers pit in F1 Manager 2023, their engineer will tell them which driver they’ll be battling on pit exit. Your drivers will also get regular updates throughout the race as to who is in front or behind them, and the distance between them.

F1 Manager 2023 will even let you listen in on other teams’ radio messages during replays. So as well as seeing what caused that red flag, you’ll also be able to hear the reaction from the driver involved.

Incredible other features have also been added, including the exciting new visor cam taking you closer to the action than ever before. These minor changes add so much depth to the game this year, but Frontier is focusing on the details with this new feature.

Driver numbers change in F1 Manager 2023

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One detail players picked up on in F1 Manager 2022 was the fact driver number styles didn’t change as drivers swapped teams. Charles Leclerc would be driving for Mercedes with a Ferrari-styled number 16 on the front of the car. In F1 Manager 2023, this is now been fixed.

If a driver swaps teams during a career save, their number style will also change to match the team they now drive for. This has been confirmed in a Reddit post, showing that once again Frontier is looking at those finer details this year.

F1 Manager 2023 Verstappen vs Hamilton
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Of course, it’s not just drivers swapping teams this year. F1 Manager 2023 introduces the ability for Team Principals to swap teams mid-save. This was arguably the most requested feature from F1 Manager 2022 so it’s great to see Frontier have listened to the feedback.

No Daniel Ricciardo at Alpha Tauri

Along with confirming the driver number changes, Frontier also revealed Daniel Ricciardo will not be in the Alpha Tauri seat at the start of career saves following news that the Honey Badger is replacing Nyck de Dries.

This isn’t a massive issue though, as players can just hire him as soon as they start their saves. We're also still waiting to find out if Ricciardo will return to F1 23.

We recently got our hands on a preview build of F1 Manager 2023, and you can check out our thoughts on this year’s entry here.

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