How to change F1 2021 My Team difficulty, change AI level, settings & more

F1 2021 has been entertaining fans for months now, and players have already poured hundreds of hours on the track.

As a result, some are finding My Team to be less of a challenge than they would like. Fortunately, we are here to show you how to make your save trickier both on-track and off.

How to change My Team's AI difficulty

Once you are rolling through your season and getting more experience on track you can start to outpace the car you’re in and get results you probably shouldn’t. If you are scoring points in My Team in the first handful of races, you need to up the difficulty, but how?

In order to change the difficulty of your save once you’ve started it you need to be on the team HQ screen.

F1 2021 My Team HQ
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HOME SWEET HOME: In your HQ you can change everything

Here you can hit the menu button and pull up all the options you set when you started the save.

If you've advanced to a race weekend then it's too late to make any changes. We recommend you hop into a Grand Prix at the venue of your next race and see where you qualify against the AI on your usual level. If you are way ahead of your teammate then it's a good indicator you need to up the AI.

Once you hit the menu button you'll get this screen:

F1 2021 My Team menu
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PICK YOUR POISON: Expert style lets you select a world of options

The "Simulation Settings" tab will be available if you race on Casual, Standard, or Expert style, and that's where you can change the AI difficulty.

F1 2021 AI slider 1
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HARD RACING: Bump the AI up at tracks you are strong on to give yourself a challenge

How to make My Team harder

It's not just on track that you can increase the difficulty of My Team.

Within Expert style you can adjust the rate at which both you and the AI teams accumulate important resources.

Career settings 1
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TO THE MAX: You can make your road to the top even longer

You can throttle back how fast your cash comes in, or increase how fast the AI earns money. You can do the same with Acclaim and perhaps most importantly, Resource Points.

Improving the AI's ability to gain Resource Points means they can develop their car faster, keeping up with your own rate of development and making your journey to the top harder, and more realistic.

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