How to get a good start in F1 22

The first lap of a race is the best chance to make positions, here is how to get a good start in F1 22.

A good start can propel you up the order, while a bad one can see you get quickly swallowed by cars you out-qualified.

That's why one of the most important skills in F1 22 is getting a good start!

How to get a good start in F1 22

Getting a good start depends on your settings.

If you are usual assisted starts, automatic gears, and full traction control there isn't much you can do to really improve things.

Those with manual gears and either medium or no traction control can really maximise their race with a good start though.

There are different optimum start techniques for medium & no TC though, so let's tackle these separately.

Medium traction control

If you're using medium TC then starts require a small degree of throttle control along with the usual fast reflexes.

Thanks to the TC it is easier to get to full power, and you can deploy ERS much sooner.

This is particularly useful at the tracks with a long run to turn 1 like Spain and Mexico.

Engage the clutch and build your revs to about 12,500 using just quarter throttle.

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When the lights go out drop the clutch and immediately shift up to second. As you do that go to half throttle and as soon as you feel the grip kick in get into 3rd and then you can build to full throttle and hit the ERS button.

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Activating the ERS too early will just shoot you into the barrier and ruin your race. However, getting it on right away will give you the chance to gain positions.

Then it's all about positioning yourself for turn 1. The AI will regularly queue up on the racing line, so if you get stuck on that path be ready for an extended concertina effect.

No traction control

Getting an effective start with traction control off is arguably the hardest thing in the whole F1 game.

It's much harder to get to full power without the car firing off one way or the other and will take MUCH more practice to get it right.

The AI gets pretty OP starts, so if you find yourself just holding station with a no TC start then you've basically got it nailed.

Again you want the starting revs at around 12,500 with quarter throttle. Then it is all about pin-point throttle control and short shifting.

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You want to get into second quickly and don't let the rev light get into the purple until you're in 5th or 6th. Change too early though, and you won't get optimum acceleration and you'll be going backwards down the pack.

Once the rear grips up and there is no worry about wheel spin you can activate ERS, but this is best held for those long runs to turn 1.

You're unlikely to get a stable enough launch to activate ERS at Silverstone, Monaco, or Baku.

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