How to use ERS in F1 22

F1 22 ERS Guide

F1 22 ERS Guide

Formula 1 has set a goal of going carbon-neutral by 2030. That's a big aim, and part of what could see the sport achieve this is ERS. The Energy Recovery System in F1 cars is perfectly mirrored in the F1 22 video game.

So, what is ERS and how do you use it? We've got everything you need to know right here!

What is ERS?

Not to be confused with DRS, The Energy Recovery System has been in Formula 1 in one form or another since 2009. The current form of ERS has been in place since 2014, and allows for a 160 bhp boost for up to 33 seconds.

This energy is collected by converting kinetic energy into electrical power, which is stored in batteries within the car.

F1 22 ERS Settings
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ERS is an effectively an electric boost that you use to give you an advantage over the competition out on-track. However, this is a finite resource, so, choosing when to use it is key to a good race.

When can I use ERS?

In theory, you can use ERS whenever you want to. In a race situation, you have three options when it comes to ERS, "Off", "Medium" and "Overtake".

Medium is the default setting and should be used most of the time, whereas off should only be used when under Safety Car or unless you're really struggling for battery charge.

F1 22 ERS Settings
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The main difference to this is qualifying or practice when you're on a hotlap, as the highest ERS setting should be used throughout one of these laps.

Overtake should only be used when trying to pass another car or when you're trying to do an under or overcut before pitting.

How to use ERS

You can use ERS whenever you're out on circuit by pressing either L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox.

There is an assist when it comes to this setting as well, as you can set ERS to deploy automatically.

F1 22 ERS Settings
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To do this, go to the Game Options menu within the home screen. Then go to Assists and scroll down to near the bottom. If you do this, ERS will deploy automatically when out on-track.

The benefit of this is that you won't run out of battery, but the downside is that you won't get the boost you need to get past a driver ahead, making overtaking harder.

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