How to use DRS in F1 22

F1 22 DRS how to use tn

F1 22 DRS how to use tn

F1 22 is now here! The official video game of the 2022 Formula 1 season is now available for everybody worldwide. There are a lot of gadgets in F1 cars, including DRS.

But what is DRS? How do you use it? And when should you use it? We've got everything you need to know right here!

What is DRS?

DRS stands for the Drag Reduction System. The name is self-explanatory, as when DRS is activated, the drag of the car is reduced. DRS does this by opening a flap in the rear wing to allow air to flow through uninhibited.

F1 22 DRS
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DRS has been in Formula 1 ever since 2011 and has improved the cars' ability to fight closely and overtake. With the new regulations in 2022, some have called for the removal of DRS from F1.

However, it's still a part of the pinnacle of motorsport, at least for now. DRS is also a part of racing in Formula 2 in F1 22, so you can expect to use it in the feeder series' cars as well.

When can I use DRS?

DRS is an overtaking tool, so in the race, you can only use it when within a second of the car ahead. This applies to cars you're lapping as well, but you cannot use DRS while yellow flags or a safety car is out.

In practice and qualifying sessions, you can use DRS in the DRS zones whenever you want, but never outside of them.

You also can't use DRS when the weather conditions are rainy. This is due to safety concerns, as you lose huge amounts of rear downforce when DRS is active.

F1 22 DRS
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The areas where you can use DRS are known as the "DRS Zones". These are typically straights, as this is where overtakes are more common and it's safer to use the system.

Depending on the circuit, there are between one and three zones per lap, sometimes back-to-back.

How to use DRS

DRS gains you around 0.3 or 0.4 seconds per zone per lap, but it's not a "press to pass" like some critics of the system like to claim. There is a real skill to using DRS, and you have to be careful with in as well.

When you can use DRS, always opt to do so, as it's basically free lap time. You need to press triangle on PlayStation or "Y" on Xbox. Pressing that button again or using the brake will close the DRS flap.

You will hear a beeping sound when this becomes available, accompanied by a green flashing logo on the HUD. You can activate the DRS assist in the game options menu though, which will automatically open DRS when it becomes available to you.

F1 22 DRS options
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Sometimes, you won't be able to use DRS to pass, so you're best off staying in the slipstream and keeping on the racing line before challenging the car ahead into another corner later on.

You also need to be careful when passing because of DRS. For example, in Canada, the DRS zones on the back and pit-straights could trip you up. If you pass into the final chicane, your rival could get DRS off you and re-pass you back into Turn 1.

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