F1 22: How to drive F2 cars

F1 22 Formula 2 tn

F1 22 Formula 2 tn

F1 22 is here! The official Formula 1 game has a lot to offer gamers, as not only does it have the 2022 F1 grid, but also Supercars and the Formula 2 rosters. F2 cars are very hard to drive, but why is this?

We've got everything you need to know about F2 in F1 22 right here!

F1 & F2 Driving Style Differences

The F2 cars have less horsepower than their F1 equivalents, but a less downforce means that getting the power down is actually harder than in F1. F2 cars also don't have the ground effect downforce we see in F1 either.

Because there's less downfoce, there's less drag, so the straight line speed of the F2 cars is almost the same as F1. F2 cars come with DRS, but don't have the ERS we see in F1. There are also no options for fuel mode in F2.

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Something different in F2 though, is that every team has identical cars. This is in stark contrast to F1, where the difference in performance from team-to-team is crucial to the race result.

So, the driver makes all the difference when it comes to race results in F2. However, you can still make setup changes to your cars like F1, even if these aren't as in-depth.

So, in short, to be quick in F2, you need to brake earlier and to a slow speed during corners and also be more careful when getting back on the throttle.

The most important thing to do though, like anything in F1 22, is to practice in Time Trial and Grand Prix modes. How does the race weekend differ, though? Well, there's some siginificant differences that are reflected in the game.

The Race Weekend

Whether you're creating a custom tournament in Grand Prix mode or starting out in F1 22's Career Mode, the race weekend in different in F2.

Each weekend is made up of two races, the feature and the sprint, each about half the length of an F1 Grand Prix. The Sprint is the first race, and is followed by the Feature, which is the slightly longer of the two.

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The different races also have different points awarded, for example, only the top eight earn points in the sprint race. This is similar to the Sprint races we see in Formula 1 nowadays too.

Because of the shorter distances, the feature races are always a 1-stop, whereas the sprint races don't have any stops at all. This means that mistakes are more costly and tyre conservation are arguably more important than in F1.

What F2 content is in F1 22?

The full 2021 Formula 2 roster is included in F1 22. This includes the drivers, teams, liveries, and sponsors. So, all of the twelve teams and 24 drivers are in F1 22, including Alfa Romeo's Zhou Guanyu.

As F2 follows F1 to 14 different races in 2022, all of the series' tracks are also in F1 22. Plus, you're able to race the F2 machines around every one of the 22 tracks in the game.

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Depending on which type of team you choose to start as in My Team as well, you can sign any 2021 F2 driver as your teammate.

So, what about the 2022 F2 roster, will that be coming to F1 22? Well, it should be, but we'll have to wait a while. In F1 2021, the 2021 F2 drivers were patched into the game towards the end of the year.

So, you'll have to wait a while to get the chance to play as F2 rookies such as Dennis Hauger and Cem Bolukbasi in F1 22.

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