HUGE Fanatical Savings as you Re-Write History With F1 Manager 2023

Formula 1 is a sport with a rich history. More than 100 drivers have won a Formula 1 race, and there have been plenty of “what-if” moments throughout the 70+ years of the sport. From mechanical breakdowns to a poorly timed pitstop or bad strategy call, fans have been left wondering what could have been for their favourite driver after nearly every race.

That’s where F1 Manager 2023 comes in. A brand new feature to the game, Race Replay, will let you take the reigns of a Formula 1 team and change history one Grand Prix at a time. Frontier Developments’ upcoming title is the second release in their managerial franchise and offers a huge amount of depth, but the new Race Replay mode has us really excited.

One-off gameplay

Managerial games can often feel like a big investment of time and brainpower. They aren’t exactly built for casual and quick play, but F1 Manager 2023 is about to blow that perception out of the water.

With Race Replay, you don’t need to do any between-race management. No deciding on development paths or negotiating driver contracts. Instead, you just race! This new mode comes with two formats and both are appealing ways of having quick fun without having to make tricky long-term decisions.

Lewis Hamilton on-board at Silverstone in F1 Manager 2023
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Each Race Replay event will take real-life events and put you in control, letting you see just how hard (or easy) it is to be an F1 team principal. You can change history, right some wrongs, or just see how far up the grid you can get your favourite driver.

Let’s take a look at the two ways to play Race Replay offers you.

Starting Grid

The Starting Grid option sets up a race with the exact grid order, track conditions, and weather as the real-life Grand Prix and lets you take over any team and see just how well you can do. Maybe Ferrari got a strategy call wrong, maybe Lewis Hamilton got some damage at the first corner, whatever it is that happened in the race you can take over the team and correct things. Maybe you can even dethrone Max Verstappen and Red Bull for a week.

On board with Lance Stroll in F1 Manager 2023
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This mode allows you casual and carefree play to re-run and alter the result of a race. It’s also going to be a great testing ground for in-race theories you can’t afford to try in your main save. You can try and run an aggressive two-stop strategy, or go fully conservative for a one-stop. Try to under fuel the car or see how gambling on a safety car will impact your result. You can even track the best way to deploy ERS and how easy or hard it is to defend a position.

You can do it all with Starting Grid, but if you want more of a specific challenge, then the second option is the one for you.

Race Moments

This part of Race Replay is a scenario mode. After every race, the F1 Manager 2023 team will pick out a turning point from all the on-track action and then recreate it as a Race Moments event. You will then take over the team in question and be challenged to improve on their real-life result.

McLaren pitstop in F1 Manager 2023
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This could mean taking over Aston Martin in Monaco and getting the race win with Fernando Alonso, or being Williams and trying to get Logan Sargent into the points at Silverstone. After each race there will be a new Starting Grid and Race Moments added to F1 Manager 2023, meaning you will have plenty of new challenges to complete and the opportunity to re-write history.

Save money with Fanatical

If you are like the sound of all that then you don’t have long to wait for F1 Manager 2023! The Deluxe Edition unlocks on 27 July and PC players can save big with Fanatical. You can grab a 19% discount over other online retailers for both the Standard or Deluxe Edition by using our exclusive code 'F1MRG' on Fanatical.

The Deluxe Edition comes with 12 exclusive additional Race Replay events to test your mettle with. So if you like the sound of the new mode then we definitely recommend the Deluxe Edition! The Standard Edition will unlock on 31 July, meaning you will have to wait four extra days over the Deluxe Edition before you can jump into the world of F1 Manager 2023.

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