Imola GP Preview: Action Zones, Strategy & F1 2021!

Formula One is finally back, and we're already getting excited for the second round of the 2021 season.

We saw our first race at Imola in 13 years last year, and the track returns again this year for some high-paced action.

So, let's take a look forward to the Imola Grand Prix, and what we can expect in the race!

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Action Zones

There are a number of changes from the old Imola circuit, as we saw in last year's race. This is the removal of the Variante Bassa chicane. This results in an incredibly fast section from Rivazza through to Tamburello.

F1 2013 Lotus Formula 1 Imola Screenshot
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F1 2013: This game is the last time we saw Imola in an F1 title!

The track also has a single DRS zone, or at least, it did in 2020. This was for the track's main straight. This will result in plenty of heroic overtakes thanks to the potential for drafting and DRS wide open.

Acque Minerali is also a hot spot for action, as the cars have to slow down before sending it up hill to the next chicane.


Due to the removal of one of the chicanes, the track is now incredibly high pace, although it isn't quite Jeddah Street Circuit.

assetto corsa competizione 2020 gt world challenge dlc imola 2
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IMOLA: The circuit is awesome to race on in other modern titles!

The race is more of a one-stop affair, with a soft-medium combination often coming out on top depending on track conditions.

This is, however, the fastest strategy that can leave drivers on very degraded tyres. Keep your eye out for some pretty awesome action near the end of the race as drivers are fighting for position and to save their tyres!

Will we see Imola in F1 2021?

Unfortunately, we don't yet know if this track will be coming to F1 2021.

imola automobilista
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GET RACING: Games like Automobolista have versions of Imola that you can race on!

However, the fact that it appeared in the F1 2020 calendar gives us hope that Codemasters will have decided to make their own version of the circuit.

Imola could join Portimao and potentially even Jeddah Street Circuit in the next game. However, with Jeddah being so new, our hopes aren't high for the Saudi Arabian circuit.

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