New F1 Manager 2023 Race Moment Out Now: Ferrari Fight Back

F1 Manager 2023 Ferrari Fight Back Race Moment

F1 Manager 2023 Ferrari Fight Back Race Moment

It was almost the perfect weekend for Ferrari last week. Pole position in their home race thanks to Carlos Sainz sadly wasn’t turned into a win, but that could all change in the latest F1 Manager 2023 Race Moment, Ferrari Fight Back.

Ferrari Fight Back Race Moment

Starting in P1 and P3, it looked like a win was meant to be for Ferrari.

Unfortunately for the Tifosi at Monza, they came up against a dominant Red Bull once again. Carlos Sainz still took the final step on the podium, but it could have been so much more for Ferrari.

Ferrari Fight Back starts on lap 15 of the Italian Grand Prix. Sainz has locked up on Turn 1, conceding the lead to Max Verstappen. It’s up to the player to recover Sainz’s race to secure the home win.

With Ferrari showing incredible speed during the Italian Grand Prix weekend, the Red Bulls were really made to work for the win. Ferrari Fight Back creates an alternate reality where the Prancing Horses are able to reclaim the lead on track in front of the Tifosi.

The official description for Ferrari Fight Back is as follows:

“Starting P1 & P3, Ferrari hoped to perform well at the #ItalianGP After 15 laps of defence, Sainz locks up & Max edges past Despite Ferrari's speed, Red Bull are taking charge of the race Fight back & get a result for the Tifosi!”

F1 Manager 2023 Physical Edition coming soon

We are now less than a week away from the physical release of F1 Manager 2023. Exclusive to the console version of the game, the physical edition will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

F1 Manager 2023 Physical Edition
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Despite not being shown in any promotional material, Amazon did have a product listing for the Physical Edition on PlayStation 4. This listing has since been removed, so it's now unclear if the PS4 will get a Physical Edition.

Disc collectors everywhere can now add to their game collection, but F1 Manager 2023 still looks good in a Steam library.

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