3 new features that make F1 2021 the most realistic F1 game yet

The release of F1 2021 is just around the corner and we’re pretty excited about it!

The new game will boast plenty of new features and subtle tweaks that could make it the most realistic F1 experience yet.

Here's three new things that might not sound like much, but we're really looking forward to them.

Mechanical failures

Mechanical failures have troubled AI drivers in previous editions of Codemasters' series - but it’s something that players have often wanted to happen to them, too

Sure, it’ll be frustrating if you’re fighting for the championship and suddenly the back of your Mercedes blows up (did someone say Malaysia 2016?) but it’s all part of F1 racing in the real world. And that’s exactly what many players want; something that feels as realistic as possible. 

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In F1 2021, mechanical failures will be a thing… sort of. Unfortunately, they won’t be completely random, but will instead only happen if you choose to run with worn components in career mode.

Random part failures have been a factor in older, non-Codemasters, F1 games, but Codemasters’ spokesman Lee Mather has said that the random mechanical failures are something they’re not keen on having in this game. 

Still, it's a start, right?

New damage model 

There’s new ways to damage your car in F1 2021!

You can now damage the sides and the floor - which might make you think twice before diving bombing into the Nouvelle chicane. You may even damage the barge boards, side covers, and even the floor. 

What’s more, your F1 car can take damage to the rear if someone shunts you from behind!

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Blame it on the weatherman 

In F1 2021, there’s a chance your team will get the weather forecast wrong. 

That’s right, the weather forecasts you are given before a race could either be spot on or a rough estimate - although this is something you can adjust in the settings.

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The chances of an incorrect weather prediction will certainly add to the element of uncertainty over a race weekend, and will force the player to be wary of changing conditions.

So, pack an umbrella. Just in case. 


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