TWO extra tracks shown in F1 22 Feature Trailer

Fans have long expected that F1 22 would include some DLC tracks, and now we have confirmation!

Two tracks that are not on Formula 1's schedule this year are there for everyone to see in in the new Features Trailer.

DLC tracks

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Codemasters and EA have confirmed that two additional tracks will be available on F1 22.

Whether these will be on the game from launch or coming later is unclear, but we know they will be there at some point.

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As you can see from the above snapshot, the Portuguese and Chinese flags are present in the track selection menu of F1 22.

These tracks are undoubtedly Portimao and Shanghai. Both of which features in F1 2021 and are fan favourites.

It's not surprising that they are entering the game despite Formula 1 not using the circuits for this year's championship.

Codemasters spent a long time developing Portimao last year, and it would be a waste to just drop it after one game.

China is also on the provisional calendar for 2023, so that track needs to be kept up to date and on course for the next game. So why not use it now too?

What about Sochi?

As expected, the Russian flag is missing from the track selection, meaning Sochi will not be on F1 22. Given that Formula 1 has cancelled its trip there for 2022 it is an easy decision for Codemasters & EA.

It would have short-changed gamers, as F1 seemingly has decided not to replace the track with an extra race.

Istanbul Park?

This also seems to end the hope that Turkey, absent from nearly every racing game despite its high approval rating among fans, will not be coming back to the F1 game.

It has hosted two improptu F1 races over the last two seasons, both of which were excellent, but it doesn't look like Codemasters has plans for Istanbul Park in F1 22.

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