Forza Horizon 4: Are the Fortune Island and Lego Valley DLC worth buying?

Are you finding November is approaching too slowly? While we wait for Forza Horizon 5 to be released, why not dip into the Horizon 4 DLC? Here's everything you need to know about the expansions.

Both of the additional maps for Forza Horizon 4 include a new type of PR stunt: Trailblazer. These are fun: head through the start gate and try to find the fastest route to the exit. You'll want a well-tuned and fast off-road car for these!

Fortune Island

Fortune Island is a rocky landscape with more extreme weather than the standard Great Britain map. At times you can see lightning or the aurora borealis which can make for great photos. The main storyline rewards you with ten treasure chests each worth a million credits.

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Drifting on Fortune Island

The key feature of Fortune Island is the Needle Climb. This is a huge paved drift zone weaving around the side of a mountain. Once you've completed the treasure hunt, the Needle Climb will be the main activity to keep you coming back to the island.

Aside from this drift zone, much of Fortune Island is more for off-road enthusiasts. It's definitely the more serious of the two expansions, with plenty to challenge the experienced Forza Horizon player. Personally, I consider this a must-own.

Lego Valley

Lego Valley is the less replayable of the two expansions. There are five lego cars to collect and also a huge array of "brick challenges" which can be anything from smashing scenery to beating a time to drive from corner to corner of the map in particular vehicles. Most of them are pretty trivial though, which makes this expansion feel a bit more newbie-focused than for experienced Forza players.

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Smashing through flowers in the Lego Mini

It's a little bit frustrating that the Lego theme doesn't go any deeper than the surface. There's no building or customising the vehicles yourself and also no opportunity to change your surroundings aside from the smashable objects. The Lego DLC does have a couple of unique features though. This is the only place in Forza Horizon 4 with an actual racetrack. Additionally, you might like hearing Everything Is Awesome from the Lego Movie on its dedicated radio station.

Overall the vibe of Lego Valley is a bit silly and less serious than the main Horizon 4 map. There are alien plants to smash and daft things to discover like the house of partying minifigures in the desert. Is it an essential part of the Forza Horizon experience? Certainly not, but it'll keep you busy for a while.

Buying the DLC

You can pick up each expansion separately, but it's not the economic way to complete your Forza Horizon 4 experience.

Instead, we'd recommend the Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle to anyone playing on Xbox Game Pass or just with a copy of the base game. It's frequently on sale in the Microsoft store. As well as both expansions, this includes the James Bond, Formula Drift, and Welcome Pack car bundles. VIP Membership and the Car Pass are also included. These give you access to yet more vehicles, double credit earnings from racing, and weekly bonus Super Wheelspins, among other perks.

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