Forza Horizon 4: Series 31 Spring Season - Nissan 370Z, Forzathon & more!

We're now entering, on February 4, the final season of Series 31 in Forza Horizon 4, Spring Season.

The wait for Forza Motorsport seems to feel longer every day, despite us inevitably getting closer to its release date. Thankfully, we have Forza Horizon 4.

So, let's check out what's arriving with Spring Season in the game on February 4!

Seasonal Events

Firstly, we have two seasonal rewards for 50% and 80% completion. These are the Bentley Turbo R at 50% and the #64 Nissan 370Z for 80%.

FH4 370z
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FAST ANYWHERE: The #64 370Z is an absolute beast!

Next we have 3 seasonal PR stunts, one danger sign, one speed trap and one speed zone. You’ll get one Super Wheelspin for each of them.

For the chance to win yet another Super Wheelspin, there is the photo challenge #RoyalMilesPerHour.

The Trial events this season will earn you a 1974 Toyota Celica GT, and the Seasonal Playground Games will bag you a 2015 Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck.

There are another three season events. You can win yourself the Yellow Biker Jersey, 1970 Honda S800 and the 1931 Bentley 8-Liter.


For Forzathon this Spring Season there are the usual 4 weekly challenges and 7 daily challenges. This time, the event focusses on any Porsche.

FH4 Porsche
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BAVARIAN BRILLIANCE: You can use any Porsche you want to this week!

For the first weekly challenge, simply own and drive any Porsche, and for the second, win any 3 Road Racing Series events.

Next, drive a total of 26.2 miles and finally, win any 3 Dirt Racing series events in a Porsche.

Forzathon Daily Challenges

As aforementioned, we have the usual 7 daily challenges to complete also. Here they are!

FH4 Bentley Turbo R
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ROAD TANK: The Turbo R is a true behemoth!
Win a Cross Country event
Rite Of Passage
Win 2 Cross Country events
Earn 3 Awesome Air Skills
Skin Of Your Teeth
Earn 1 Ultimate Near Miss Skill
Beat Around The Bush
Earn 1 Lumberjack Skill
Do You Even Drift, Bro?
Earn 3 Ultimate Drift or E-Drift Skills
Millionaire Shortbread
Earn a total of 75,000 Skill Score

As per normal, you'll get 20 FP for each daily challenge that you complete, and 200FP for each weekly challenge!

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