Forza Motorsport: Everything we know so far

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It has been a long time since Forza Motorsport was announced and with its direct rival Gran Turismo 7 out now and dominating game sales, Turn 10's silence is worrying.

It's not complete radio silence, however, and there are pieces of news filtering out about the 8th instalment of the more sim-focused racing title.


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Here's everything we know so far about Forza Motorsport!


Latest news - Leaked screenshots hint at Xbox One release

After months of silence, new Forza Motorsport screenshots have leaked online from an early alpha build of the game.

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Forza Motorsport leaked screenshot
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Leaked Forza Motorsport screenshots hint at an Xbox One release

While Forza Motorsport was only announced for Xbox Series X|S, the leaked screenshots are reportedly from an Xbox One build, suggesting Microsoft's new sim racer will be a cross-gen release.

Let's hope this paves the way for an official reveal soon!

Release date

Unfortunately, very little is known about the release date. Revealed at E3 in July 2020, there is still no release date nearly two years on.

Forza Motorsport 4K 1
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GRAPHICS: The game is set to be stunning in 4K

Xbox racers can still get their Forza fix with Forza Horizon 5 released in November 2021, but the simulation-focused Motorsport games cater for a different player base.

With E3 2022 cancelled, we expect Forza Motorsport to be shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase streaming on 12 June with a release date announcement. We predict a release date of September 2022 at the earliest.


When Turn 10 announced the game in late July 2020, the game was still in early development. There have been some playtests this year, but overall very little is known about how the new Motorsport title will play.

ForzaMotorsport7 cars
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FORZA MOTORSPORT: 7 boasted a huge number of cars, will the latest game top it?

We do know that Turn 10 has greatly improved the tyre model for Motorsport. Increasing the amount and frequency of data the game will process. This will hugely impact handling and should make Forza Motorsport the most realistic instalment of the franchise.

As playtesting continues we will hopefully get more insights into the game, but we don't expect to see a new trailer until next year.


The announcement trailer was shot in the game's engine, so we can expect similar visuals. However, this doesn't quite equate to actual gameplay footage.


In fact, the announcement of the game boasts 4K resolution, 60fps capabilities, and ray tracing.

This should all be exclusive to the next-gen consoles. The delay to release could make Forza Motorsport a Series X|S exclusive, but leaked screenshots reportedly show the game running on Xbox One. If Forza Motorsport releases on Xbox One, it will likely be capped at a 1080p resolution and 30fps cap.


The rumours circulating currently seem to suggest a less is more approach, especially when it comes to the car list. Expectations are that the car list will be trimmed down from FM7.

Forza Motorsport Cars
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REFINED CHOICE: The game will still have a detailed selection of vehicles

This is no bad thing if more time and detail is put into the cars that are included, to help them feel. However, we more than expect Turn 10 to have done a great job perfecting each and every one of them.

This means that the developers, Turn 10, can focus on perfecting the feel of each and every vehicle.