Forza Motorsport Upgrade Guide

Forza Motorsport car upgrade guide

Forza Motorsport car upgrade guide

There’s no better feeling than buying a car in a racing game and then using that car to conquer the rest of the grid. For your car to continue to win, however, it needs to be upgraded to match the competition. This Forza Motorsport car upgrade guide will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Upgrading in Forza Motorsport

In past Forza Motorsport games, it’s been relatively easy to buy a car and fully upgrade it before it even hits the track. Although it takes you to victory, this isn’t exactly the rewarding experience you want from a racing game. Thankfully, Forza Motorsport shakes things up in the best way possible.

Forza Motorsport forces you to spend time with a car before you can start upgrading it. Unlocked upgrades are linked to XP earned, with XP only gained from taking the car out on track. This encourages players to actually bond with their vehicles, instead of maxing everything out straight away.

Forza Motorsport car upgrade guide
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Upgrades are bought using Car Points. These are generated by levelling up your car, with XP also contributing to reaching the next level. Car Points are limited, only increasing by a small amount with each level.

This is perfect for Forza Motorsport’s Builders Cup Career Mode. Players can level up their cars throughout a series within the Builders Cup, before taking their upgraded machinery into the next series to see how it stacks up.

So now we know how upgrading works in Forza Motorsport, let’s take a look at which upgrades you should look at getting first.

Forza Motorsport car upgrade guide

When you first start out with a car in Forza Motorsport, you only have 300 Car Points. These points really don’t go very far, so it’s crucial you spend them on the area of the car that needs them most. Depending on your driving style, however, this may differ.

It is possible to let the game upgrade the car for you with the ‘Quick Upgrade’ tool. This will automatically apply the best upgrades available to save you time digging through the options. If you do want to upgrade your car manually though, here’s what we recommend.

Forza Motorsport car upgrade guide
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If you’re struggling to make the apex in each corner, you definitely want to invest in better brakes. Chassis reinforcement and roll cages can also help with cornering issues if you find yourself running wide. If you’re lacking power though, the intake manifold and throttle body are a worthy purchase.

Car Points are refundable, so if you find your latest upgrade hasn’t had the desired effect you can always refund it before trying something else. Once you’ve spent your 300 Car Points, it’s time to head out onto the track to earn some more.

Not every upgrade is available straight away, with the majority of powerful upgrades locked away in higher levels, meaning you have to grind out on the track to earn them. XP is earned from every track session, so put the laps in and you’ll reap the rewards. You can check out our how to earn XP fast guide if you need help levelling up fast.

Here’s the full list of every upgrade in Forza Motorsport, and which level they are unlocked in:

Level 1 upgrades:

  • Exhaust
  • Air filter
  • Restrictor plate
  • Intake manifold and throttle body
  • Oil and cooling
  • Brakes
  • Chassis reinforcement and roll cage
  • Ballast

Level 2 upgrades:

  • Tyre width
  • Rim style

Level 4 upgrades

  • Anti-sway bars

Level 8 upgrades:

  • Spring and dampers
  • Fuel system

Level 9 upgrades:

  • Transmission
  • Differential

Level 11 upgrades:

  • Ignition
  • Flywheel
  • Tyre compound

Level 12 upgrades:

  • Clutch
  • Driveline
  • Rear wing

Level 15 upgrades:

  • Front and rear bumper
  • Bonnet

Level 20 upgrades:

  • Single turbo
  • Aspiration conversion
  • Intercooler
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  • Weight reduction

Level 23 upgrades:

  • Camshaft

Level 26 upgrades:

  • Valves

Level 30 upgrades:

  • Displacement

Level 35 upgrades:

  • Pistons and compression

Level 40 upgrades:

  • Engine swap

Level 45 upgrades:

  • Bodykit

Level 50 upgrades:

  • Drivetrain swap

Once you’ve upgraded your car, it’s time to head to the tuning menu to tweak that extra level of performance out of your car. We recommend reading our Forza Motorsport car tuning guide to get the most out of every single slider.

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