Forza Motorsport Editions: Everything you need to know

Forza Motorsport Editions: Release date, Deluxe Edition, Premium Edition, price & more

Forza Motorsport Editions: Release date, Deluxe Edition, Premium Edition, price & more

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Microsoft's flagship sim racer is finally returning this year, but which Forza Motorsport editions are available?

Forza Motorsport is Microsoft’s racing-sim baby, with Xbox users hooked on the game since the first of the series launched in 2005.

Since then, we have reached the eighth iteration of the Motorsport series, and have seen the introduction of an entirely new series, Forza Horizon.

Like most Forza games, there will be multiple Forza Motorsport editions. From the pricing to extra content and early access, we've got everything you need to know about the Forza Motorsport editions.

Forza Motorsport Editions

We finally have some clear direction about Forza Motorsport editions. The recent Xbox Showcase has given us a look at the Premium Edition for Forza Motorsport.

Forza Motorsport editions
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There will be three Forza Motorsport Editions: the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Premium Edition. Each edition comes with different bonus content. Every edition also requires an online connection to play.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes the base game. This edition retails for £69.99/$69.99 on the Xbox store and can added to wishlists on Steam. There will also be a physical edition of the Standard Edition for Xbox Series X|S.

Deluxe Edition

Upgrading to the Deluxe Edition gives you the game pass and the Car Pass. As with other Forza games, the Car Pass will add 30 new cars, with one every week. This edition costs £79.99/$89.99.

Premium Edition

Upgrading to the Premium Edition lets you play five days early from 5 October. You also get the following extra content:

  • Race Day Car Pack
  • Car Pass
  • VIP Membership
  • Welcome Pack

The Race Day Car Pack features eight new-to-Forza cars including the 2018 Acura #36 Gradient Racing NSX GT3 and the 2017 Vauxhall #66 Power Maxed TAG Racing Astra. The Car Pass will also add 30 new-to-Forza cars with one every week.

Forza Motorsport editions
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VIP Membership gives you a 2x credit boost as well as five custom Forza Edition cars, exclusive VIP Driver Gear with five colourways, a VIP Player Card, VIP Crown Flair, and VIP-exclusive Rivals events.

Finally, the Welcome Pack unlocks five cars and gives you bonus credits to go towards buying a car.

All this extra content will set you back £89.99/$99.99.

For £29.99/£39.99, you can also upgrade to the Premium Add-Ons Bundle to get early access and all other add-on content included in the Premium Edition.


Forza Motorsport is launching on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It will also be available on Game Pass day one.

The cover cars of Forza Motorsport
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However, the only way to play it on Xbox One is to have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and stream the game from the cloud. You cannot just outright buy and play the game on Xbox One.

Release date

We finally have a Forza Motorsport release date - it's only taken some three years since the initial announcement!

Forza Motorsport will finally arrive on Xbox Series X|S and PC on 10 October 2023. With Turn 10 taking so long to confirm a date, this is unlikely to be pushed back.

As previously mentioned, players who pre-order the Premium Edition will get access five days earlier on 5 October 2023.

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