Is Forza Motorsport on Xbox One?

Will Forza Motorsport be on Xbox One?

Will Forza Motorsport be on Xbox One?

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After a six-year hiatus, Forza Motorsport is undoubtedly one of 2023's most anticipated racing games. Microsoft's flagship racer is a technical showpiece of the Xbox Series X, but will Forza Motorsport be on Xbox One?

With a 4K resolution, high frame rate, and real-time ray-tracing lighting, Forza Motorsport is a graphical marvel. But those who haven't upgraded to the current-gen consoles will be wondering if you can play Forza Motorsport on the old Xbox One console.

So, is Forza Motorsport on Xbox One? Here's what you need to know about playing Forza Motorsport on the older consoles.

Can you play Forza Motorsport on Xbox One?

Forza Motorsport was announced in July 2020 at E3 as an Xbox & PC title.

That means that PlayStation players miss out on this stellar racing title, but what about Xbox One players?

Will Forza Motorsport be on Xbox One
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Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S consoles launched in 2020, but supply issues have meant this console generation has been off to a slow start. As a result, there are still a huge number of Xbox One and Xbox One X players out there.

There's good and bad news for Xbox One players hoping to get their hands on Forza Motorsport.

Unfortunately, Forza Motorsport won't have a native Xbox One release, despite rumours initially claiming otherwise. However, is Forza Motorsport technically playable on Xbox One - but there's a catch.

An online FAQ confirms Forza Motorsport can be streamed on Xbox One via the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With potential input lag, this isn't an ideal way to play Forza Motorsport, but at least players who haven't made the jump to the Xbox Series consoles won't miss out.

Will Forza Motorsport be on Xbox One
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“Forza Motorsport has been built from the ground up to leverage the full power and performance of Xbox Series X|S consoles and deliver our most beautiful, technically advanced game yet,” the FAQ reads.

"While there will not be a native Xbox One version of the game, Xbox One players can stream Forza Motorsport through Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.”

The technical prowess of Forza Motorsport

Given the age of the hardware, it's not surprising that Forza Motorsport isn't coming to Xbox One - the console launched way back in 2013. Games hardware technology has improved considerably since then.

With a 4K resolution, 60fps, and ray-traced reflections on Xbox Series X, Forza Motorsport is billed as the "most technically advanced racing game ever made".

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Forza Motorsport screenshot Xbox One
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Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios describe Forza Motorsport as a “reimagining of the series” and the "most technically advanced racing game ever made."

With ray tracing, dynamic weather and track surfaces, and a full day and night cycle, Forza Motorsport's technical prowess is too much for the Xbox One to handle. If the old systems already struggle to load Forza Horizon 5 quickly, there isn't much hope for Forza Motorsport.

Release date

While there won't be a native Xbox One version, the Xbox Series X|S and PC release date is fast approaching. Forza Motorsport will launch on 10 October 2023. It will also be playable on Game Pass day one. Those planning to play Forza Motorsport on Game Pass should be aware of Forza Motorsport's hefty file size.

Players who pre-ordered the Premium Edition can get early access from 5 October 2023.


You can find out our thoughts on Turn 10's new track racer in our Forza Motorsport review. To help you get started, we also have guides for the best starter car, how to earn XP fast, and how to change difficulty.

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