Forza Motorsport Preload Reveals File Size

Forza Motorsport Preload Reveals File Size

Forza Motorsport Preload Reveals File Size

We’re now less than two weeks away from the early access launch of Forza Motorsport. In the meantime, players can now preload Forza Motorsport ahead of launch.

The preload also confirms Forza Motorsport’s file size. Unsurprisingly for a racing game with cutting edge graphics, it's a hefty download, so you may want to start clearing hard drive space.

Forza Motorsport preload and file size revealed

Unsurprisingly, the Xbox Series X version of Forza Motorsport has the largest file size, weighing in at a whopping 132.10GB. This isn’t surprising given that Forza Motorsport’s high-quality 4K assets for environments and car models will take up a lot of space.

For comparison, Forza Motorsport 7 took up around 100GB of space. Gran Turismo 7 also weighed in at 89.44GB at launch, so Forza Motorsport will have a larger file size. Of course, post-launch updates adding new cars and game features have increased GT7’s file size significantly since then.

According to Pure Xbox, the Xbox Series S download size is around 97GB, while the PC version comes in at 118.9GB. This may change if any updates are released before launch. Likewise, we can likely expect a beefy day one patch to fix any issues.

Approaching the finish line

Forza Motorsport is fast approaching the finish line with the release date less than two weeks away. Microsoft’s new flagship racer speeds onto Xbox Series X|S and PC on 10 October. However, players who pre-order the Premium Edition or Premium Add-Ons Bundle can start racing earlier on 5 October. Forza Motorsport will also be available on Game Pass at no extra cost.

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For more on Forza Motorsport, check out the car list confirmed so far and full track list. If you’re planning to play with a wheel, we have a Forza Motorsport wheel support list. PC users can also find out if their hardware can run Forza Motorsport by referring to the system requirements. 

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