Forza Motorsport: How to earn XP fast

Forza Motorsport how to earn XP fast

Forza Motorsport how to earn XP fast

Like most racing titles, Forza Motorsport has a levelling up and car upgrade system. These allow you to unlock more parts for your cars, before applying those upgrades between races. XP is used to level up in the game, so how can you earn XP fast in Forza Motorsport?

XP in Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport has a unique way of levelling up cars. Instead of the usual ‘buy every upgrade with race-earned Credits’, Forza Motorsport uses Car Points to purchase new parts. These Car Points are separate from Credits, with Credits solely used to buy new cars.

Forza Motorsport how to earn XP fast
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Car Points work as the game’s upgrade currency. New brakes, suspension, roll cages, and even engines are bought using Car Points, either manually by the player, or automatically using Forza Motorsport’s ‘auto upgrade’ feature. Upgrades can be made before every race event in Career Mode.

Car Points are limited in Forza, meaning you have to spend them wisely on needed upgrades. However, each time you level up your car, you earn more car Points to spend, and the Car Point limit is increased. Levelling up requires XP to be earned, so what’s the best way to earn XP fast in Forza Motorsport?

How to earn XP fast in Forza Motorsport

XP in Forza Motorsport is awarded for completing various objectives within sessions. These can be from pulling off overtakes, completing clean laps, or finishing a lap within a certain time limit. XP is earned from both practice sessions and races, with practice sessions also containing extra ways to grind XP.

During practice sessions, the track is split into sectors. Some sectors have timing gates at the start and end, with the goal being to set the fastest time between these gates. Setting fast times rewards players with XP, helping to level up faster.

Forza Motorsport how to earn XP fast
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Objectives are also set during practice sessions. These primarily involve completing a set amount of laps and beating a set lap time. Completing these objectives also pays out XP.

The fastest way to earn XP in Forza Motorsport is to complete objectives, set fast times in sectors, and drive cleanly. Once you’ve completed the required number of laps, the game gives you the choice to either move straight on to the race or keep practising until the time runs out. The temptation is there to just go racing, however, XP is still awarded if you stay out on track in practice.

Therefore, the best way to earn XP is to grind practice sessions, complete the required objectives, and then run the clock down by continuing to set laps. This way you'll beat the sector times, and rack up clean driving bonuses. These, combined with driving quickly but cleanly during the actual race, will see you earn the maximum available XP for each race event.

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