First Forza Motorsport Multiplayer Details Revealed

First Forza Motorsport Multiplayer Details Revealed

First Forza Motorsport Multiplayer Details Revealed

With only two months until launch, Turn 10 has revealed the first Forza Motorsport multiplayer details during August’s Forza Monthly stream. Forza Motorsport’s multiplayer will sport a new online race weekend structure, with new details revealed for event types and a new driver rating system to encourage clean racing.

Unfortunately, however, some multiplayer features from previous Forza Motorsport games will be missing at launch.

New fictional track revealed: Grand Oak Raceway

Before diving into the multiplayer details, Creative Director Chris Esaki showed off a new fictional track called Grand Oak Raceway during the Forza Monthly stream. Reminiscent of Virginia International Raceway, this is a fast-flowing circuit with a mix of high-speed straights, steep elevation changes, and tight technical sections.

Forza Motorsport Grand Oak Raceway
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“This wide track paired with its technical challenge provides a great location for players to experience clean and competitive racing and to hone their race craft with both AI and other players,” said Esaki.

This is the 15th track Turn 10 has revealed out of the 20 planned for launch, with more to be revealed over the next few weeks.

Around 30 more cars were also confirmed for the car list, several of which are new to the Forza Motorsport series including the 2020 Audi RS e-tron GT, 2018 BMW M5, and 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe.

Forza Motorsport will feature a new online race weekend structure known as Featured Multiplayer. Here, each racing series will have a time-based updated list of current and scheduled upcoming events to enter.

There are two event types: Spec Series and Open Series. Spec Series focuses on racing cars, with GT and Touring Car events regularly featured in playlists. A rotating Spec series will also celebrate other racing divisions and one-makes.

Forza Motorsport Featured Multiplayer
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Open Series on the other hand lets you bring any car that meets class restrictions. It will also rotate through car classes on a weekly basis.

Each event will replicate real race weekend structures, starting from open practice to qualifying before the main race for an authentic racing experience.

At any time during open practice sessions, you can jump into qualifying where you’ll have a limited number of laps to set the best time. Your best time will determine your starting position. You can also change your tyre compound and fuel load in qualifying to maximise your time.

A new Skip Lap feature will also let you get a rolling start on a fresh start in open practice or qualifying sessions. However, activating Skip Lap will end your current lap in qualifying, so you’ll need to use it wisely.

New ratings system

For Forza Motorsport, the Forza Racing Regulations (FRR) system has been overhauled with machine learning. It can now identify nearly 5,000 unique racing incidents from track cutting to deliberate contact and award penalties accordingly. If the incident is serious enough, it will disqualify you. Track-cutting limits are now more forgiving and realistic compared to previous games.

Forza Motorsport Multiplayer Ratings
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To encourage clean racing and improve matchmaking, drivers will be assigned a safety rating.

Pit stops will also be possible in online multiplayer to change tyres or refuel.

If you don’t want to race in ranked events, private matches can be set up with options for choosing game modes, car classes, and tracks. You can also adjust options like the damage simulation, pit stop requirements, starting time of day, grid order, car power restrictions, and ghosting rules. Private multiplayer lobbies are not affected by safety or driver ratings.

Rivals events and Time Attack are also back allowing you to compete for the fastest lap times with rival players.

No spectator mode or multiplayer AI racing at launch

Unfortunately, Esaki confirmed that spectator mode will not be in Featured Multiplayer at launch. “Having players come into a Featured Multiplayer event and taking player slots and then spectating is not the racing we had intended.” Racing with AI in Featured Multiplayer also won’t be possible at launch because of the effects the AI opponents could have on driver safety ratings.

These aren’t the only multiplayer features missing at launch. Split-screen won’t be in Forza Motorsport at launch either due to Turn 10’s push for graphical fidelity.

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