Forza Motorsport: How to get early access

Forza Motorsport Early Access: How to play early

Forza Motorsport Early Access: How to play early

Forza Motorsport is just around the corner. With hype building for Turn 10’s highly anticipated Forza reboot, many are wondering if Forza Motorsport will have early access. It’s been six years since the last game in the Motorsport franchise, so fans are eager to take Forza Motorsport for a spin as soon as possible.

Can you play Forza Motorsport early? We’ve got everything you need to know about Forza Motorsport early access.

When does Forza Motorsport early access start?

Forza Motorsport launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC on 10 October. That’s the general release, but there is a way to play Forza Motorsport several days earlier.

Forza Motorsport early access
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Those who pre-order the Premium Edition or Premium Add-Ons Bundle will get five days of early access. That means you can hit the track in Forza Motorsport when early access starts on 5 October, five days before the general release. After that, the Standard Edition will be released on 10 October.

Getting early access to Forza Motorsport comes at a cost, though. At £89.99/$99.99, the Premium Edition is the most expensive version of Forza Motorsport. As well as early access, the Premium Edition includes a Race Day Car Pack, Car Pass, VIP Membership, and Welcome Pack.

A Deluxe Edition is also available, but this doesn’t include early access. If you want to play Forza Motorsport early, you’ll need to preorder the Premium Edition on PC or Xbox Series X|S.

Preload file size

Players who have pre-ordered can preload Forza Motorsport on all platforms. You may need to clear some hard drive space though, because Forza Motorsport has a hefty file size.

Forza Motorsport early access
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On Xbox Series X, the file size is a whopping 132GB. The Xbox Series S file size is 97GB while PC is around 116GB. Forza Motorsport is also playable on Xbox One via Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming, but there’s no native release.

Release times

As for exactly when you can go racing, Forza Motorsport will unlock on Xbox and Windows at 12:01am local time on 5 October for early access players. The Steam version will unlock at 12:01am EDT. 

For the general release, Forza Motorsport will unlock at the same time on 10 October. Because of time zone differences, New Zealand players will access Forza Motorsport before the rest of the world. You can find a full list of Forza Motorsport’s global release times below:

Forza Motorsport release times
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For more on Forza Motorsport, check out the full car list and track list. If you’re planning to play Forza MOtorsport with a wheel, check the wheel support list.

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