Forza Motorsport: How to skip practice

How to skip practice in Forza Motorsport

How to skip practice in Forza Motorsport

The Builders Cup in Forza Motorsport is a great Career Mode, but it’s always had one thing that’s annoyed players. Before we can go racing, we have to complete a practice session first. A lot of players have complained about being forced into these practice sessions, but did you know you can skip them?

Here’s how to skip practice in Forza Motorsport.

Practice makes perfect

Every race in the Builders Cup has a practice session. These are designed to help players get used to the track layout before entering a race and as a means to test out new car upgrades and tuning tweaks.

During practice, the track is split into sectors. Some sectors contain gates at the start and end, with the goal being to set the fastest time possible between these gates. There are also other objectives to complete. Nearly every practice session requires you to complete three laps, with the second objective being to beat a specific lap time.

How to skip practice in Forza Motorsport
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Completing objectives, driving cleanly but quickly, and of course, beating the set lap time all reward you with XP. XP is how you level up your cars to block more upgrades, with practice being the best way to earn XP fast.

Not everyone is a fan of practice though, with many players angry that they are forced into completing practice before every single race. What they didn’t know, however, is that you can actually skip practice sessions entirely.

How to skip practice in Forza Motorsport

Not everyone wants to be forced into a practice session in Forza Motorsport. Some players don’t have any upgrades to test, whilst others already know the track like the back of their hand.

To skip practice in Forza Motorsport’s Builders Cup, pause the game, then select Exit > Skip Practice. This will take you straight to the race action without needing to complete the practice objectives.

How to skip practice in Forza Motorsport
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This feature has been hidden away in the game throughout early access but is really useful for players just looking for a quick race. Now they can skip straight to the action without being forced into an extra session on track.

You will miss out on all the XP available in practice by skipping it however, so you’ll need a really good race to make up the difference.

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