Forza Horizon 4 Series 38 Autumn: Challenges, Championships and More!

The season changes in the Great Britain of Forza Horizon 4. As ever we're here with all the information you need!

As a reminder, series 38 is the start of the Forza Horizon Mixtape where events of previous series are repeated.

Festival Playlist

This week's seasonal playlist rewards are a backstage pass and the Shelby Daytona, for 50% and 80% completion respectively.

For the whole series, 50% completion earns another Backstage Pass and 80% earns the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker.

Photo Challenge and PR Stunts

This autumn the photo challenge is #hoonigansparadise. Photograph your Hoonigan car at the Express North Rail Yard for an easy super wheelspin.

FH4 Hoonigan
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Choose your Hoonigan car and take a photo at the rail yard for a super wheelspin!

The seasonal PR stunts are the Broadway Windmill danger sign, the Oakwood Crest speed trap, and the Ashbrook Lane drift zone. DLC owners, don't forget to tackle the two additional seasonal PR stunts on Fortune Island and one in Lego Valley! Each earns you a super wheelspin.

Seasonal Championships

Grudge Match earns the 1969 Ford Mustang, Down Under wins you the Ford XB Falcon, Overnight Parts gains you the Nissan Fairlady Z 1994.

As always, each championship involves winning coming out on top after three races against Highly Skilled drivatars.

Seasonal Events

The autumn Playground Games has the prize of a Ferrari F40. Remember you don’t need to win the Playground Games to earn the prize.

The Trial offers the 2005 Lotus Elise. Ensure you've got a good tuning for your car before taking part in the Trial!

There's no showcase remix this week.

Forzathon Challenges

This week's Forzathon challenge is for classic sports cars. It's taken from the summer of season 36. Earn 100 FP for completion, doubled if you own the Lake Lodge.

Chapter 1 - Grand Old Duke
Own and drive any Classic Sports Car
Chapter 2 - Spirited Driving
Open up the throttle and earn a total of 9 stars from Speed Zones in your Classic Sports Car
Chapter 3 - Never Gonna Give You Up
Show that you're made of sterner stuff by winning a Road Racing Series event at The Colossus in your Classic Sports Car
Chapter 4 - Victory Lane
Time to showboat after your heroic victory! Earn a total of 250,000 Skill Score in your Classic Sports Car

Weekly Challenge: "

The Stuff Of Legend

The daily challenges are from the autumn of season 16.

fh4 mg mga rear
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The MGA is one of the Horizon 4 Classic Sports Car category

Earn 10 FP per daily challenge and 60 FP bonus for completing all 7. This is also doubled if you own the Lake Lodge, so make sure to buy that! Here's the daily challenges:

Flight Manoeuvres
Combine Air and Pass Skills to earn 2 Airborne Pass Skills
Hot Licks
Earn 3 Ultimate Drafting Skills
Closely overtake while racing to earn 1 Ultimate Pass Skill
Cream Crackered
Earn 2 Great Wreckage Skills
The General
Earn 3 Air Skills
Close Shave
Earn 1 Near Miss Skill
Drift Formula
Earn 2 stars or better in any Drift Zone

Daily challenges

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