Forza Horizon 4 Series 39 Summer: Championships, Challenges, and Events!

Series 39 kicks off with Summer! As ever, we're bringing you all the news and events this week in the Great Britain of Forza Horizon 4.

Last series, series 38, was the start of the Forza Horizon Mixtape. Events now are reruns of old Forza favourites. This means there's no new cars, but opportunities to pick up some rarities. There is a new gift car: the VW Golf R in Horizon 5 livery, so check your inbox for that one. Let's take a look at the weekly events!

Summer Festival Playlist

The playlist rewards this week are the 2018 Honda Civic and the KTM X-Bow GT4. Earn these vehicles for 50% and 80% season completion respectively.

For the whole series, 50% earns you a backstage pass and 80% the Porsche 356 RSR. Don't miss the backstage pass, as the car list you can pick from is huge!

Forzathon Challenges

This week the Forzathon challenge is based around the 2005 TVR Sagaris. If you're just picking up a Sagaris, take a look at what you can buy with skill points on that car. There's a little surprise in there!

Earn 100 FP for completion, doubled if you own the Lake Lodge.

Own and drive the wild-eyed and super-powerful 2005 TVR Sagaris, a car that gets its name from an ancient weapon of war
Wild Horses
Release the 400-plus horsepower bursting out of the TVR Sagaris to achieve its top speed of 185 MPH
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That
Rush hour traffic? Escape the gridlock and earn 15 Threading the Needle Skills in the TVR Sagaris
Straight Six
Go for a white-knuckle ride by winning a Road Racing Series event in The Goliath in your TVR Sagaris

Forzathon weekly challenge Sandgrown'Un

The daily challenges are taken from the summer of series 17. Earn 10 FP per daily challenge and 60 FP bonus for completing all the whole week. This is also doubled if you own the Lake Lodge, so make sure you’ve bought that! Here are the daily challenges:

Speed Addict
Earn 3 stars in total from Speed Traps
Earn 3 stars at any Danger Sign
Complete a Dirt Trail Event
Top Fuel
Win 2 Drag Strip events
Pole Vaulter
Earn 2 Air Skills
You Wreck Me
Earn 1 Wrecking Ball Skill
White Knuckle Ride
Earn 1 Awesome Near Miss Skill

Series 38 Spring Daily Challenges

Photo Challenge and PR Stunts

This week the photo challenge is #prizedposession. Take a photo of the new 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

The weekly PR stunts are the Great Ridge danger sign, the Bamburgh Dunes speed trap and the Oldweir speed zone.

Don't forget, if you own the two expansions there are two more seasonal PR stunts on Fortune Island and one in Lego Valley for extra super wheelspins!

Seasonal Championships

This weeks seasonal championships offer up a few hard to find cars as prizes. These are German Engineering with the BMW E92 M3 GTS, Forest Monsters with the VW GRC Beetle, Boiling Point with the 1994 Honda Civic.

FH4 Rally Beetle
expand image
The VW GRC Beetle

To take these rewards you'll need to beat drivatars with Highly Skilled difficulty.

Seasonal Events

The summer Playground Games has the Nissan Fairlady Z 1969 as its reward. You don't need to win to earn this car, just taking part earns the prize.

For the Trial, the prize is a 2005 Honda NSX-R.

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