Forza Horizon 4: Skill points guide

Skill points are a valuable currency in Forza Horizon 4. Spent carefully, they can earn you cash and wheelspins, as well as gaining you influence in the process.

Not all cars are created equal when it comes to earning or spending skill points.

Here's our guide to make your farming quicker and more effective.

Skill Songs

If you want a lot of skill points, you need to unlock Skill Songs. Skill Songs double your skill multiplier while playing, up to a maximum of x14.0. You first need to purchase the Huntsman's Lodge in Lakehurst Forest for 750,000 credits.

FH4 Miura 1
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Skill points can actually earn you some great cars. The Lamborghini Miura skill tree is worth exploring.

Once you own the Huntsman's Lodge, keep the radio on and every so often the DJ will introduce a song as a Skill Song. During the duration of the song, you'll earn skill points much quicker. Also, your character will nod his head to the beat for the duration of the song!

Choosing your vehicle

Maximising the skill points you can earn in Forza Horizon 4 means picking the right vehicle. Forza Edition cars are a good place to start. Here are a few we recommend:

The 2013 BMW M6 Coupe Forza Edition has a skill tree designed for skill point farming. The effects of Skill Songs are increased, as well as bonuses for drift skills, wreckage skills, and air skills. The skill multiplier can be increased to 7 and there's an additional influence bonus for skills banked in freeroam. Despite its heavy weight, this car slides in a consistent way and handles nicely for drifting even before tuning.

FH4 AM Vulcan
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Get hold of the Forza Edition of the AM Vulcan to bank skill points from racing

The 1980 Renault 5 Turbo Forza Edition also boosts these skill scores and increases the speed your multiplier increases during Skill Songs. Its short wheelbase makes it a bit twitchier for prolonged sessions of drifting.

The 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan Forza Edition is a bit different. Its skill tree rewards overtaking and speed. If you'd rather run the Goliath than drift in circles around the airstrip, this could be the vehicle for you.

The 1986 Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evo is a rival for the BMW M6 FE for earning while drifting. The Hoonigan RS200 is also one of the best cars for PR stunts, so a great car to spend time in freeroam in.

Use your time wisely

You can earn a maximum of ten skill points per combo. Each skill point is earned from a skill score of 50,000, so don't go wasting your time on the longest combo ever. Keep an eye on your score: 71,500 x7.0 or 35,700 x14.0 during a skill song are the figures you'll want to aim for!

Make sure to take advantage of skill songs as often as you can. Knowing the map helps a lot here. If you're looking to earn skill points from drifting primarily, knowing the best way to the nearest open space will mean you can maximise your earnings during the skill song. Alternatively, if you're near Bamburgh Castle you can go for air skills to earn those precious points, for example.

Spending skill points

Use your skill points initially to max out the Car Mastery skill tree for the car you're using to earn those points. It'll make earning more points much quicker.

Some cars earn you gift cars from their skill tree:

Original car
Gift car
Skill points cost
Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Reventon FE
Masterati 300 S
Maserati MC12 FE
TVR Sagaris
TVR Sagaris FE
Nissan R390
Nissan Nismo GTR LM FE
Mercedes 300 SL Coupe
Mercedes SL65 AMG Black FE

Other cars can be bought from the Autoshow and earn more money than the original cost. For example, the Triumph Spitfire is a 20,000 credit purchase in the Autoshow. Spend 20 skill points on it and you get back 200,000 credits, making a neat 180,000 credit profit each time.

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