Forza Horizon 4: Super Wheelspin prizes

Super wheelspins and regular wheelspins are common rewards for playing Forza Horizon 4. Seasonal PR stunts earn spins, as does achieving levels through gaining influence.

You can even buy a wheelspin with Forzathon points, earned through taking part in the hourly Forzathon event or by working through the weekly Forzathon challenges.

What is a wheelspin actually worth though? You'd have to do a lot of spins to start working that out, so we did. Were there any surprises to discover?

One hundred super wheelspins

Wheelspins are a fun part of the Forza Horizon games. While mostly you win a small amount of cash, an item of clothing, or a duplicate car, it's exciting to get a big influx of credits or a rare vehicle!

Super wheelspins have three reels rather than just the one with a regular wheelspin. Is that the only difference? Let's find out.

fh4 super wheelspin
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Forza Horizon 4: spinning a super wheelspin

It turns out doing a hundred spins at once rapidly turns into a chore, especially if you're taking notes for statistical purposes. I don't recommend saving up all your wheelspins and doing them all at once. Spin them as you win them, that's the way to keep them enjoyable!

Many, many cars

It's not going to be surprising that spinning a lot of wheelspins results in a lot of cars being won. To be precise, I picked up 77 cars in this stint of spinning. Surprisingly though, while there were plenty of cars I already owned, no car came up twice within these 77 prizes.

I can't say for sure, but it seems as though if you stack up wheelspins and use them all at once, you don't get duplicated cars within those spins. This could be worth knowing if you're missing one of the few cars that you can win from spins but can't buy from the autoshow!

A whole lot of cash

I won 131 cash prizes from this series of one hundred super wheelspins. The total score was 8,880,000 credits, so an average of 88,800 credits per spin. This equates to an average cash prize of 67,786 credits. I hadn't previously realised the 2000 credit prize doesn't come up in super wheelspins. Only 35 cash prizes were the lowest super wheelspin amount of 5000 credits. The 500,000 credit prize came up just twice.

Including the sale of the cars I already owned, 100 super wheelspins gained me just over 15 million credits.

Clothing and horns

I decided to do this quite early on in my Forza Horizon 4 career, so there were plenty of items of clothing and car horns in my list of prizes. 92 in total, to be precise.

Since, unlike cars, horns and clothing don't come up again after you own them, it's not really useful to look at the statistics here.

Wheelspin prizes

In Forza Horizon 4, there are a few vehicles that can only be won from wheelspins or if they are seasonal rewards. This includes the coveted BMW M6 Coupe FE, the best car in the game for earning skill points, as well as some novelty cars such as the Cadillac XTS Limousine and the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

FH4 Alfa 8C
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The Alfa Romeo 8C Forza Edition - one of the cars you can win through wheelspins

Super wheelspins are definitely more valuable than three regular wheelspins. The dreaded 2000 credit prize doesn't come up in super wheelspins.

Cars are just over half as common as cash prizes, roughly 40:60 is the ratio of cars to cash rewards. If you've got most of the wheelspin horns and clothing, expect to win two cash prizes from each super wheelspin.

With an average cash prize of 68k credits on a super wheelspin, these are one of the quickest ways to earn money in Forza Horizon 4.

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