Forza Horizon 5 10-year anniversary update coming in October

Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 has only just begun with the Horizon Road Trip Summer Festival Playlist bringing new challenges and rewards. But that hasn’t stopped Playground Games from previewing Forza Horizon 5 Series 13: Horizon 10-year Anniversary.

As the name suggests, the next Series will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original Forza Horizon game.

Horizon 10-year Anniversary update

After Playground Studios, a team made up of racing game veterans from the likes of Codemasters, Bizarre Creations, and Criterion Games, was formed in 2010, the original Forza Horizon launched on Xbox 360 on 23 October 2012.

Forza Horizon 2012 art
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Set in Colorado, the original Forza Horizon was seen as an open-world spin-off to the main Forza Motorsport series. However, since then Horizon has rapidly overtaken Motorsport in popularity, evolving into one of the most successful racing game franchises.

To celebrate the original game’s anniversary, Forza Horizon 5 Series 13 will feature a brand new Horizon Story “exploring the origins of the Forza Horizon series.”

Music from the original game will also return on a new radio station for a nostalgia kick along with the Midnight Battles mode where you can earn cars by winning head-to-head races.

Throughout October, weekly Festival Playlists will add themed challenges inspired by the first four Forza Horizon games.

No further details were revealed, but the accompanying teaser video suggests the original Forza Horizon’s cover car, the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS, will be a reward car or appear in the new Horizon Story.

Series 13 release date

The Forza Horizon 5 Horizon 10-year Anniversary update launches on 11 October. More details including reward cars and challenges will be revealed in the next Forza Monthly livestream, which will likely air around a week before the next Series.

Forza Horizon 5 Horizon 10-year anniversary update
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The timing could coincide with the next Forza Horizon 5 expansion after the Hot Wheels expansion – we’d love to see the original Colorado map recreated in Forza Horizon 5.

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