Forza Horizon 5 Barn Finds: Complete location guide

Forza Horizon 5 is here at last! You can check out our review of the game here.

As usual, there are a number of barn finds to track down and restore. Here's how to find each one.

Please be aware that this article may contain spoilers for the barn finds in Forza Horizon 5. If you'd rather play at your own pace, best not to read this one just yet!

Forza Horizon 5 barn finds

Most of the barn find rumours emerge as you play through the early stages of the game, but a few are prompted by specific actions. Make sure you do these things!

  • Reach the top of the Central Ruin on the Tulum Expedition. It's possible to complete this expedition without completing each of the tasks, but make sure you tick this accolade off.
  • Buy the La Cabaña player house. This will give you a barn find rumour straight away. It might be one of the cheaper houses, but it's nice that it comes with a car!
  • Complete the Jungle Expedition. Ramiro is hunting for a big cat he last saw near the abandoned airport. Help him look for it and you will be rewarded!

The barn find locations

Here's the location of each barn. This should help speed up your hunt for these fourteen free cars!

To access Drone Mode, open the menu and go to the Creative Hub tab. This helps when hunting for barns.

fh5 barn find ford racing escort mk1
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Heading along the dirt route on the west side of the volcano, look for a track leading east from this corner. Here you'll find the Ford Racing Puma!
fh5 barn find bmw 2002 turbo
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This barn find is very near the road. Follow the track to the point marked. Enjoy your BMW 2002 Turbo!
fh5 barn find chevrolet corvette
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This barn find is easiest to reach by starting due south of it and following the field edge. You've earned a beautiful 1953 Corvette!
fh5 barn find dodge dart hemi
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Start southwest of this marked spot and follow the dirt track as it curves left to the barn. This one is a Dodge Dart Hemi
fh5 barn find dodge viper gts acr
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This location is a bit of a maze of dirt tracks. It might help to use your drone here to make sure you're on the right route. You've found a Dodge Viper GTS ACR!
fh5 barn find ferrari 250 gto
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To get to this spot, cross that field by the road and then cut through the trees. Enjoy your Ferrari 250 GTO.
fh5 barn find ferrari f40 competizione
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Drone mode is useful when looking for a barn in amongst trees. This one is a Ferrari F40!
fh5 barn find toyota t100 baja truck
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This one is easy to spot if you use that large circular farm as a reference. Explore Baja in your Toyota Baja Truck
fh5 barn find renault 4l
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As you can see in this screenshot, the track leads straight to this barn. You've found a Renault 4L
fh5 barn find porsche 911 carrera rs
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You might want to use your drone again for this barn. It's a Porsche 911 Carrera RS
fh5 barn find jaguar sport xjr 15
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Watch out for the big cat in this area. It's the Jaguar Sport XJR-15
fh5 barn find gmc jimmy
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There's a danger sign just east of this. If you go over that jump you practically fall on this barn. In it you'll find a GMC Jimmy
fh5 barn find ford mustang gt
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This one is a quick find if you cut the corner on the road to Guanajuato. It's a Ford Mustang GT!
fh5 barn find ford f 100
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Use the edges of the fields to get to this location. Then enjoy your Ford F-100

Some of these barn find cars take a very long time to be restored and added to your garage, so you'll need to be patient once you've found them. You can pay a charge for them to be ready sooner, but this isn't the best use of your money early game. Happy hunting!

If you're looking for any more help with your Forza Horizon 5 experience, then our Ultimate Guide is the place for you.

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