Forza Horizon 5 Ultimate Guide: Barn finds, hidden locations, cars, tips & tricks

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Forza Horizon 5 has smashed through the 7 million player mark, making it one of the most successful racing titles already!

While players have been exploring the massive Mexico map already, there are plenty of hidden locations, bonuses, and a myriad of ways to maximise your time in Mexico.

Welcome to the ultimate Forza Horizon 5 guide!

Beginner's tips

If you've never played a Forza Horizon game before then this is the place to start. From how to configure your controller to how Drone Mode can help, we've got the tips right here.

fh5 nissan silvia drift
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GO FOR A CRUISE: There is no game quite like Forza Horizon 5 for just driving and exploring

Perhaps the best thing you can do as a brand new player is to follow the story, as much as there is. This will unlock new areas, challenges, and races for you to compete in as well as give you a chance to drive a variety of cars.

What to do first

Now that you are into the game and all set up, what should you do?!

Well, there are few things that should be done right away such as unlocking fast travel and discovering all the Barn Finds which will give you 14 free cars.

These will make your life much better and give your garage a kick start.

Making the most of Forza Horizon 5

There are several ways to improve your time in Mexico. These range from smashing races by tuning your car for off-road racing and mastering the art of drag racing with launch control.

fh5 lamborghini sesto elemento fe
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SUPER SESTO: The awesome Sesto Elemento Forza Edition is the best car in the game right now

There are also several ways to get cars for free and more than a few methods for racking up bonus wheelspins which can give you free cars and credits. Those wheelspins are key for getting your hands on Forza Edition cars, and you can improve your chances with this tip too!

Wheel compatibility

While previous Horizon titles have been wheel compatible, Playground Games has made huge strides in improving the wheel experience for players this time around. Unfortunately, there are still a few bugs to be ironed out for PC players, but Xbox players are already enjoying a great time.

With better force feedback and a bigger supported wheel list, it should be the best game for cruising, racing, and drifting with your wheel.

Not got a wheel yet? You've still got time to order one! These are our best wheels for Forza Horizon 5.

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