Forza Horizon 5: Maximise your wheelspin rewards with this trick

Wheelspins are a great way to earn Forza Horizon 5. You can earn them quickly through skill point farming or gaining levels. But it can be frustrating when your wheelspins don't win you cars or credits.

Here's a quick and easy way to improve the odds of big prizes!

Wheelspin prizes in Forza Horizon 5

There's a big range of prizes you can earn from wheelspins and super wheelspins in Forza Horizon 5. Some cars, such as the mighty Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition, can't be bought in the Autoshow. You'll want to increase your chances of picking up great vehicles like this through wheelspins!

fh5 lamborghini sesto elemento fe
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The sort of wheelspin prize we like: the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento FE

You can also win credits, clothing, car horns, and emotes. Some of these prizes are more desirable than others! Personally I'm a bit disappointed when a super wheelspin earns three prizes that aren't cars or cash. But whichever prizes you hope for, you can increase the odds of a good spin by spending some credits.

The prizes you don't want

I'm not sure anyone would be happy to earn a wheelspin and find that their prize is the pair of black ankle socks. Yet those are in the pool of wheelspin prizes! They're only worth 600 credits and you can't sell them on. But you can buy these outright. So why not purchase them and remove them from the pool of potential prizes?

fh5 emma naomi
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There are a lot of clothing options in Forza Horizon 5

The important thing to note is that once you own a piece of clothing, you can't win it again from a wheelspin.

It's removed from the spins going forwards, because there's nothing you could do with duplicate clothing. It's definitely going to be better to spend 600 credits on this pair of socks than to waste a wheelspin on winning them as a prize.

Which clothing items are worth buying?

As a basic rule, any clothing item worth less than the average wheelspin cash prize is worth just paying for and removing from the prize pool. I'd say that's probably around 40,000 to 50,000 credits. You'll spend around a million or so credits buying up all of these clothing items, but it will be worth it when you stop winning socks from wheelspins.

Players with the Premium Edition should also have some clothing vouchers to spend. You'll see this when you press Purchase on any item of clothing. I think it makes the most sense to spend these on the most expensive clothing items, such as the Horizon Exclusive Bracelet Stack (100,000 credits) so that you can remove some extra items from the wheelspin prizes without spending in-game money.

Unfortunately you can't buy every wheelspin clothing item outright, nor can you buy car horns or emotes, but this will mean you earn a lot more car and cash prizes from your spins!

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