Forza Horizon 5: earn credits and cars fast!

Short of cash in Forza Horizon 5?

You won't be for long with this easy method to earn credits quickly!

Skill point farming

Popular in previous Forza Horizon games, skill point farming is a quick method of boosting your balance through performing skills. Whether you prefer to drive up and down the highway, drift around roundabouts, or smash through crops, you can earn skill points quickly in the right vehicles.

There's a few things you need to remember though. You can only bank ten points towards your car mastery at a time. This means any time you spend earning over 500,000 in the one skill chain is wasted. Stop your car and bank those points and then start again!

Skill songs double your multiplier, so you can earn those points even quicker. Keep your radio on in Forza Horizon 5, even if you mute it in the settings, and you'll benefit from this. Also, your character dances to the music during skill songs, which is nice. You can still only bank ten points at a time, you'll just earn those ten much quicker during these songs.

The best car for earning skill points

We've been testing all the vehicles out in Forza Horizon 5. So far, one in particular stands out for earning skill points. I recommend you buy the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette Forza Edition.

fh5 chevrolet corvette fe
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The Forza Edition of the '53 Corvette is the best car to earn skill points

You'll want this because its skills multiplier goes to 7 and it has a bonus for speed skills. This car isn't available from the Autoshow, so you'll have to get it from a wheelspin or the auction house. They seem to come up pretty often, so grab one at auction and get to work earning those points!

The next thing you need to do is apply a fast tuning. Stock, this car is going to struggle to earn many speed or drift skills. I've been using a tuning from Reddit user Maestro2442: share code 779 163 656. Once you've done that, you'll need to spend some skill points on the Corvette to maximise your earnings. Make sure you've unlocked these items in the car mastery:

fh5 chevrolet corvette fe skill tree
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Speculate to accumulate: unlock these from the car mastery to earn the most skill points

Once you've done that, get out and burn rubber, earn all the skill points you can! Heading up and down the highway earns 7-10 skill points each time even without the skill songs playing. Alternatively, find a good open space for some drifting, such as the Festival drag strip, and you'll quickly reach the 500,000 score you'll want to bank at.

If drifting is more your thing than highway cruising, you might find the 1969 Dodge Charter R/T Forza Edition is a good alternative. This car doesn't have the higher multiplier, but should pick up points pretty quickly nonetheless.

Now, what do we spend those skill points on to turn them into the most credits?

Spending skill points

For every five skill points you earn, it's possible to get a super wheelspin! These earn you credits and cars very quickly. Here's how to convert your skill points to super wheelspins:

fh5 willys jeep
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The Willys Jeep is the best car to spend your skill points on

You'll want to buy a Willys Jeep from the Autoshow for every five skill points you've earned. It's quickest to do this from the Car Collection "stickerbook" view. Once you've got all the Willys Jeeps you need, hop in each one and buy these three items from the car mastery menu:

fh5 willys jeep skill tree
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You'll earn a Super Wheelspin for every five skill points with this method!

After that, remove the car from your garage. You don't need to fill your collection with these, they're worthless at auction, and no one will give you kudos for gift dropping it. Then you can relax and think about what to spend your millions of credits on!

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