Forza Horizon 5: Hospital Records soundtrack gets vinyl release

Here's the ultimate piece of merchandise for those Forza Horizon players into drum and bass. Hospital Records are releasing the Forza Horizon 5 soundtrack.

There's even going to be a vinyl version!

Hospital Records

Hospital Records are South London dance music pioneers. Led by Tony Colman and Chris Goss, they're one of the UK's best-known and most-loved labels. Established in 1996, the Hospital Records logo has adorned many legendary releases. For 25 years, the label has been at the forefront of dance music in Britain and the world.

The label also organises live events under the Hospitality brand. UK drum and bass enthusiasts will be well aware of these, such as Hospitality in the Park and others.

Radio stations in Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon 5, just like its predecessors in the series, includes a range of radio stations to suit different tastes. Hospital Records first made their appearance as a radio station in Forza Horizon 2, presented by the label founders. Forza Horizon 5 is the fourth time Hospital have had a radio station within the Horizon series.

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Unlike the other radio stations within Forza Horizon 5, Hospital Records were able to put together a playlist of as-yet unreleased music from their many artists. This means that there hasn't been a Spotify playlist, for example.

Hospital Records soundtrack release

This time around, Hospital have new tracks from some of their biggest artists for this radio station. It was one of the most anticipated stations in the game, because of the new music.

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The artists featured in Forza Horizon 5

This soundtrack is now seeing a physical and digital release from the Hospital Records website. Whether you want a CD to listen to in the car, MP3 or Wav versions for your digital music player, or the triple 12" vinyl package, you'll be getting to experience the new sounds of Forza Horizon 5.

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