Forza Horizon 5: How many cars will there be?

In just six weeks the Horizon festival heads to Mexico for the biggest Forza Horizon game yet. We're all excited to get driving and exploring.

But the big question remains: how many cars will there be to collect?

The Forza Horizon 5 launch car list

Playground Games creative director Mike Brown has said that Forza Horizon 5 will have more cars at launch than Forza Horizon 4 did. This includes the Welcome Pack and the Forza Edition vehicles.

So far our tally of announced cars is at 505, with an additional 18 Forza Edition cars and 5 Welcome Pack cars, for a total of 528.

Comparison with Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 launched with 460 cars, so the Playground Games team have made good on their promise to make the Forza Horizon 5 car list bigger and better!

fh4 vuhl 05rr
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The Vuhl 005RR was the last car to be added to Forza Horizon 4

The last new car to show up in Great Britain was the Vuhl 05RR. By the time this final new car was added to Forza Horizon 4, there was a total of 752 cars in the game. This total includes the 640 in the base game and the 112 cars from the various DLC. We're not including the McLaren P1 "Owen's Edition" in this count, because it was never generally available.

DLC cars for Forza Horizon 5

The Premium Edition and the Premium Add-ons Bundle for Forza Horizon 5 both will include the Welcome Pack, the Car Pass, VIP Membership and two game expansions. We expect these expansions to include additional cars, just as in previous Horizon games.

fh4 lego mini
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The Lego Speed Champions DLC in Forza Horizon 4 added five new cars

But what will these DLC be? With each of the last two Horizon games, the pattern has been the same. The first has been an area with more extreme weather and plenty of twisty roads and dirt tracks for pushing your skills. The second expansion for each was based on toys, firstly Hot Wheels and secondly Lego.

I think it's unlikely we'll see another Hot Wheels-themed expansion, with the release of Hot Wheels Unleashed. There will certainly be at least two Hot Wheels cars in Forza Horizon 5 though. Both the Bone Shaker and the Twin Mill are confirmed to return. We're also expecting to race against the Bone Shaker Monster Truck in one of the Showcase events!

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