Forza Horizon 5 In Focus Treasure Hunt Guide

It's a new series in Mexico and there is a Forza Horizon 5 In Focus Treasure Hunt to complete! This guide will tell you exactly how to get yourself the big reward this week.

The Upgrade Heroes Summer Festival Playlist is here, offering plenty of rewards for players willing to put the time in and complete the challenges. With new cars to be won as well, you won't want to miss out on this series!

In Focus Treasure Hunt Guide

This week's Treasure Hunt is back to the classic riddle-solving after four weeks of Pathfinders.

This week's clue is "Surely, you can't afford to miss this photo opportunity" and shows a Ford Focus RS. In order to get the chest area to pop up on your map you just have to snap a picture of a Ford Focus RS (2017). It's pretty simple!

In Focus Treasure Hunt Guide chest area after completing the clue
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The area we need to head to is the ruin of Atlantes de Tula, in the south-east of the map. You'll find the chest to the east of the XP board in the middle of the ruins. Right where our marker is!

In Focus Treasure chest location
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Smash through it and get yourself 100 Forzathon points and three points toward your seasonal progress cars.

Upgrade Heroes Summer

This week's festival playlist offers some awesome rewards. There are six cars to win, and a seventh depending on which Donut Media story you pick.

Upgrade Heroes summer festival playlist
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The AMG GT Black (20 points) and Lynk & Co 03+ (40 points) are your seasonal progress cars. The AMG GT Black is exclusive for this week, so don't miss it!

Elsewhere you can win the McLaren 650s, the Honda S2000, the Nissan GT-R '71, and the Mercedes-Benz E63. There are also three Super Wheelspins to win, and two more in the Expansion events. You can also get the Renault 5 Turbo from the Rally Adventure seasonal championship.

Don't forget the photo challenge either! This week you need to snap the Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG at Star 27's mural in Mulege.

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