Forza Horizon 5's livery editor is a more powerful tool than ever before

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Perhaps the best part of any customisation in a racing game is creating your own livery, and now Forza Horizon 5's livery editor will give players more ways to create their ideal car.

Horizon 4 is full of stunning paint jobs and unique style thanks to a dedicated community of painters.

While there has been some controversy about bans and certain designs, Horizon games remain committed to player expression, as shown with the updated editor in Forza Horizon 5.

Fresh feel

The Playground Games team hasn't tried to reinvent the wheel with FH5's livery editor. That's a good thing considering how intuitive and impressive the current one on Horizon 4 is.

What they've done is give it a fresh feel though.

The screen has been moved around a touch, with the areas of the car bar moved to the top of the screen.

forza horizon 5 livery editor layout
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MAKE IT YOUR OWN: What will you create?

You'll notice that there are now visual icons for which part of the car you are working on too. There are still the highly useful shortcut buttons for cut and insert as well. The functionality of the livery editor remains the same, but the presentation rework helps to make it all feel fresh, and is something a lot of games could learn from!

fh5 livery
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EXPRESS YOURSELF: There are countless options in the livery editor

The layout of the editor has also been reworked. Layers are relocated to the left of the screen in a vertical stack that is reminiscent of Photoshop. This change should make navigation and organisation much smoother for players that are trying to make complicated designs.

Using the power of next-gen

One issue with Horizon 4 is that while in the livery editor things would look great, but out on the roads textures would look different. This lack of in-game texture resolution led to a lot of trial-and-error painting in FH4, but that's gone in Forza Horizon 5 thanks to the Xbox Series X & S.


The next-gen consoles have the power to maintain crisp and clear resolution on even the most complex and dynamic user-created liveries.

All these touches should make Forza Horizon 5 a more vibrant and creative world, where no two cars look alike!

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