Forza Horizon 5 Seek and Enjoy Treasure Hunt Guide

A new week in the Explore the Horizon series has us on the hunt once again, and so this Seek And Enjoy treasure hunt guide is your ticket to earning a cool 250,000 credits.

The reward for these treasure hunts is back to being a serious one, and we couldn't be more thankful. So how can you grab this week's big prize? Well let's take a look at the treasure hunt and everything the Explore the Horizon Winter festival playlist has to offer.

Seek and Enjoy treasure hunt guide

Like the previous week's, this is less about following a clue than completing accolades. As always, the first one is just to play the game in the winter season, which we are obviously doing!

The first true challenge is to follow the balloon trail that starts by asking us to take the southern exit off the motorway to find the start of this trail. That's not the most descriptive, as there are plenty of exits from the motorway going south!

What is more accurate is to head to the Ridge Crest danger sign. You'll find the start of the first Pathfinder on our player marker below:

The starting point for the first Pathfinder accolade this week
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Take the big danger sign jump and follow the balloons to complete the first Pathfinder. You'll end up by the ruins at the drag strip.

The end location for the first pathfinder mission this week
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The second Pathfinder takes us from Copper Canyon to Playa Tranquila in the north-east of the map. You will find the starting balloons on the most north-east road of the map, at our player location below:

Second pathfinder start point
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The path will take you to the amazing beach location, with the balloons tucked away among the beach huts.

Second end point for Seek And Destroy treasure hunt
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The final Pathfinder accolade takes us to the depth of the jungles in Ek' Balam. You'll find the starting balloons to the south-east of the ruins, at our player marker below:

Start of the final Pathfinder accolade this week
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The finishing point will take you to the edge of the map, but this time the chest isn't waiting for you! You'll have to track it down to this location.

You'll find the treasure chest tucked behind a wooden shed right here:

Seek and destroy treasure chest location
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Smash through it to earn yourself 250,000 credits!

Explore the Horizon Winter Festival Playlist

This week there are X cars for you to win in the Explore the Horizon Winter festival playlist.

The two season progress cars as the Chevy K10 '72 (20 points) and the Hot Wheels Rip Rod (40 points). Along with those you can win the #2069 Bronco R, the Subaru WRX '05, the Plymouth Cuda, and the Cherokee '14. There are also two Super Wheelspins to be won in the basic festival playlist and two further Super Wheelspins if you have unlocked the Hot Wheels and Rally Adventure events.

Don't forget to do this week's photo challenge for some easy points. You need to find the camera equipment near Lago Blanco.

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