Forza Horizon 5 Series 0 Spring Playlist: championships, challenges, and more!

Forza Horizon 5 is here! Once you've gotten started, we'll be covering all the updates and events in-game. Let's go through our first playlist!

This season is officially Series 0, since the game doesn't go on general release until next week. If you're lucky enough to be playing one of the early release editions, here's what you'll be doing this week:

Season rewards and Forzathon

This week, the seasonal rewards are the 2017 Alpine A110 and the Honda NSX-R GT. Earn these for scoring 16 and 26 season points respectively. Both are hard to find cars, so you won't be able to pick them up in the Autoshow.

fh4 renault alpine a110 rear
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No, not this old thing, the new Alpine A110!

The Forzathon weekly challenge is "Wouldn't it be loverly?" and features the 2003 Nissan Fairlady Z.

Here are the daily challenges:

Clean Fun
Earn 3 Clean Racing Skills in a Road Race
Social Club
Complete a Horizon Open Event
Lambo No. 5
Earn 5 Stars from PR Stunts in any Lamborghini
Fast Lane
Win a Drag Race in a Modern Sports Car
No Signal
Smash 5 Phonebooths
Care Package
Send a Gift Drop to another player
Flock of Trucks
Earn 12 stars in total from any PR Stunt in a Truck

PR Stunts and Multiplayer Events

Take part in any Horizon Arcade event for 3 points towards your season. The Horizon Tour Co-op Championships also have 3 points on offer. The seasonal Playground Games not only give you 3 points as well, but also a Porsche Macan RR. This is a hard to find car.

The PR Stunts format has changed a little for Forza Horizon 5. This week's Danger Sign is Event Horizon and you'll need to complete it in any S1 900 Ford. The Speed Trap is Coast View and is restricted to S2 998 Track Toys. The Speed Zone is Ranchito and requires an Audi with class S2 998. Each of these earns you a wheelspin and 2 points.

Championships and Challenges

First Course is the only seasonal championship this week. It's open to A 800 Super Saloons and the prize is a Mercedes-AMG E63. This is another hard to find car!

The photo challenge #muralcompass will see us photographing any Modern Sports Car with the Mulege mural.

Forza Horizon ford bronco
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The Ford Bronco will see some action in Monthly Rivals

Earn 5 Clean Racing skills in Horizon Open for 25,000 credits and two points. The Eliminator also offers two points if you finish in the top 30.

Lastly, the Monthly Rivals is at the Horizon Baja Scramble in the Ford Bronco. Complete this for a further four points.

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