Forza Horizon 5 Series 2 Spring: Challenges, Championships & More!

It's Spring, the Hot Season, in the Mexico of Forza Horizon 5. This week there's a few unusual details about the challenges! Let's have a look at the new season.

Playlist completion rewards

Again there are two exclusive cars as the playlist rewards this week. These are the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and the Peel Trident. Earn these cars for achieving 25 and 45 playlist points respectively.

For the whole series, the playlist rewards are the Gingerbread Outfit for 120 playlist points and the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for 200 points. Both are also exclusive rewards, so don't miss out!

fh5 peel p50
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Will we send enough gifts to unlock the Peel P50?

The Horizon Secret Santa continues. Send enough gifts and we'll all get a Peel P50! That's two Peels on the playlist.

Forzathon challenges

This week the Forzathon weekly challenge is The Cossie, based around the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. We'll be getting to know this 90s gem and putting it through its paces!

Chapter 1: 90s Icon
Own and drive the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
Chapter 2: RS is for Rallye Sport
Win 3 Dirt Trail events in the Cossie
Chapter 3: Hoon Again
Earn a total of 100,000 skill points in the Cossie
Chapter 4: Wing Commander
Earn 9 stars in total from Danger Signs in the Cossie

Forzathon challenge The Cossie

Earn 5 playlist points for completion as well as 80 Forzathon points. These Forzathon points are doubled if you buy the right house!

The Daily Challenges are each worth just 1 playlist point and 10 Forzathon points. They are as follows:

Street Gentleman
Earn 12 Clean Racing Skills from Street Races
Grand Touring
Complete a Horizon Tour in any GT car
Smash 5 bins in 60 seconds
Ideal Mate
Win a Street Race in a Rods and Customs car
Route One
Earn 3 stars from any Trailblazer
Bunny Hopping
Airfield UTV Cup (we're not sure what is meant by this)
Spotless Drive
Earn 12 Clean Racing skills from Dirt Races

Forzathon daily challenges

Season Events

The Horizon Arcade Mini Games again reward playlist points as we've come to expect. The Trial this week is called Tis The Season To Be Hooning. Strangely, it rewards us with a car everybody earns right at the start of the game, the Hoonigan Cossie. You need to be in the Hall of Fame to enter the Trial.

fh5 hoonigan cossie
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It's another Cossie, this time Ken Block's Hoonigan version

The seasonal Playground Games, entitled No Small Wonder, wins us the Dial-up Modem car horn. There's also the Horizon Tour co-op championships and an EventLab to take on. This EventLab is by DaftMonk3610 and will see us smashing chests to speed up our car.

PR Stunts

This week the seasonal PR stunts are the Boardwalk Danger Sign, the Los Arboles Speed Trap and the Punto de Vista Speed Zone. The Boardwalk is an odd Danger Sign requiring a careful approach. It might help you get further to brake at the earlier crest on the run up!

As with all the seasonal PR Stunts in Forza Horizon 5, you’ll need to check that your car is eligible and in the right class. The menu button in the Festival Playlist gives you the car restrictions! Each one earns you a wheelspin.


The seasonal championships are Down for the Countdown, with the amazing Mercedes G 63 6x6 as its reward, New Beginnings with the stylish Ferrari 575M, and Auld Lang Syne, offering the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage.

fh5 aston martin vantage
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The stunning Aston Martin Vantage is a prize this week

You'll need to beat Highly Skilled drivatars over three races to earn each reward.


This week's photo challenge is #unpeelievable. Take a photo of the Peel Trident at Teotihuacan. This is very odd, as the Trident is the big playlist reward. I guess you could photograph someone else's Peel to earn the points towards your own? You also win the Air Guitar emote.

There's a Treasure Hunt too! This is called Too Cool To Air. We can see from the preview image that it will involve the Chevrolet Bel Air, which is a great looking piece of retro Americana.

fh5 chevrolet bel air 2
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The Chevrolet Bel Air design still looks fresh

The Horizon Open "Driftacular!" has a 25,000 credit reward. The Eliminator earns you the Happy New Year link phrase. Enjoy that, and we'll see you next year!

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