Forza Horizon 5: Which player house should you buy first?

Welcome to the Horizon festival in Mexico! We've been exploring the map and hunting for all of the bonus boards. But early game, which of the player houses is worth buying? Here's what you get for each house.

Player houses in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 features seven different player houses, each with its own perks. The houses are useful to own early game, as you can drop in to make changes to your character as well as buy and sell cars. You can also take stunning screenshots with ray tracing in the Forzavista mode at these locations.

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Buenas Vistas player house

The houses can be quite expensive though. Hotel Castillo is a huge 5 million credits. It can take a while to earn that much money in Forza Horizon 5!

The player houses and their perks

Casa Bella is the first house you get the keys for in-game. It's free once you've played through the introduction. Casa Bella unlocks Skill Songs on the radio. Skill Songs award double Skill Points while the song is playing!

Once you own Casa Bella you have a choice of which house to buy next. Here are all the houses:

Casa Bella
Unlocks Skill Songs
Las Casa Solariega
Double Forzathon points, five Super Wheelspins, Green Crown
Lugar Tranquilo
Unlocks Horizon Promo, one Super Wheelspin
Buena Esperanza
Gift car Porsche 959 Prodrive, Super Wheelspin, Chicken Suit
La Cabaña
Barn find rumour , super wheelspin
Buenas Vistas
Unlocks Fast Travel, two Super Wheelspins
Hotel Castillo
Two Super Wheelspins, daily Wheelspin

Which house is most useful?

There's no question about it, the house you'll want to get as quickly as possible is the Buenas Vistas house. Fast Travel is the most useful extra feature any of these houses offer.

fh5 fast travel board
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Once you've unlocked Fast Travel, get hunting for those boards!

Double Forzathon points is also a handy bonus. You'll be glad of this when the Forzathon Shop opens in-game in a few days. There is an accolade bonus for purchasing all seven houses. Once you have each house, you'll be rewarded with 750 Accolade points and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera!

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